A Writer’s Life ~ Morning Yoga and Other Updates


This week has been a decision making week for me and I decided the path I am going to take so that’s a good thing. I’m also trying to get better with not over doing things and sticking to the schedule, taking needed breaks and giving my eyes a rest from the computer. All of those things are hard because being a writer kind of keeps me on the computer from before sun up to after sundown–but I am trying to change that which I know means my idea to do less writing may turn into not doing any.

I do have other stuff to do and life changes that will lead me farther ahead than being a writer ever can. Plus, I remember somebody saying once that the fastest way to hate something you love is to turn it into a career. I think that statement is true. I do not hate writing, but I do not love it as much either.I would like to one day finish all the ongoing stories, but that may take a while because I have many started but never focused on to finish.

I never thought there would be a day when I didn’t really like reading either, but there is. I really am getting to the not wanting to read fictional books stage. Yes, that surprises me as I used to love to read.

Anyway, with a birthday not too far away I realize I need to try to climb a new mountain and while writing will still be there, it won’t be the major thing there anymore.

So what’s up for this early morning already? Yoga to kick the morning off on a healthy note.

Stay Healthy


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