Start of the Last

This is the last of November and we will soon be in that beautiful month known as December. Winter is nearing and snow is already falling somewhere. Ending one month and going into another is a great time to revisit goals.

So far I have kicked my morning off right with a mile of cardio toning. I could have done more but I really wasn’t in the mood for more so I didn’t do it. (Hmm…this might make my lose two pounds by my birthday idea a little harder to do…oh well.)

One of the things I heard a long time ago was this, “tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.” So, even if you haven’t kicked your today off very well don’t worry, tomorrow will always be a new day and it will always be another chance for you to get things done right. That doesn’t mean you have to throw today away though, just try not to stress about the mix ups of the morning and keep striving to do things right.

Stay Healthy



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