End of Year Research: 3 Types of Pain in the Butt

Okay this is not a metaphorical “you’re a pain in my butt” thing. It really isn’t.

I can only say that this feels like a first for me. I have definitely exercised my muscles into mutiny before but this one is a first. I was kind of confused because I do not remember pulling a muscle at all while doing yoga that day. I assigned the pain to everything from the switch of chairs I had to use while spending a day knitting on down to loosing too much fat in one cheek…yeah, I went there because no way did I pull a muscle doing yoga. No way! But at the end of it all it comes back to yoga. Go figure…
So while trying to figure out why I have such a pain in one butt cheek I found this great article that actually hit the nail on the head on the first photo. Yep…that’s me.

Now I already know not to stretch pulled muscles. I worked for a PT once upon a time and he always talked about things not to do; stretching pulled muscles was one of those things. “You’ll tear them,” he would say. This from the PT who said he didn’t workout so he could lose weight; he worked out so he could eat :).

There are other areas of pain that  could be linked to something else so if you’re there now, have been there before or might be there in the future you might find the article 3 Types of pain in the butt and what you can do about it  to be helpful.

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More Than Workouts

A healthy body requires more than just working out. You’ll need to eat healthy, cut toxins out of your life as much as you can, and do so many other things to try to stay ahead of the illness horse that chases us all.

This piece with slides,  9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System, is giving some tips on how to get your inner being healthy.

The slides include things like staying active, and eating healthy. For more information go check out the piece on 9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System linked above.

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Yoga for Flexibility

While getting in cardio and toning exercises are great, doing yoga for flexibility helps the physical body as well. Work out some of the tight spots daily with this 5-minute routine. It won’t take long as it is only 5 minutes. It can be a great addition to the daily workout, or just to the morning or evening getting started or getting ready for bed.

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Boosting Winter Metabolism

This article on 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Winter is about how to keep it going during the colder, darker months. One tip is about warming up your breakfast. There is also a tip on staying in bed, and of course, as always, drinking more water. Check out the article for more tips.

cook-book-lette-size-front-coverI really don’t fit in the hibernation category because no matter the season I still workout every day in one fashion or another and I try to eat healthy as well. Now that my cookbook, Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking,  is done and has been released on Lulu, Create Space and Amazon, I do less baking of sweets too. But I get what they’re saying about how many people slow down. Autumn and winter are colder, it gets darker earlier and sometimes that inspires being tired, but also in keeping self safe it’s not always a good idea to go workout in the dark outside.

I firmly believe in working out in the house but some don’t think outside the box of going for a run outside or joining a gym they cannot afford so for some people they just take the seasons off instead of finding other ways to get in their workout.

Whatever your methods for staying healthy no matter the season have fun, stay safe and remember to sometimes think outside the box.

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Benefits of Cardio Before Yoga

I did get a workout in this morning but after doing something I had to do I felt like doing another one and that sparked a little over 40 minutes of cardio and 8 minutes of toning. I thought I was done but decided to do the Yoga for Holiday Meal digestion that I shared before. I noticed a huge difference in my flexibility after the afternoon cardio.

Getting the first full extension in the forward bend to include a hamstring stretch happened while usually when I do this one in the morning post waking up I have to do the knees bent for the first one.

In short, stretches were longer, deeper and felt so great while doing them and after.

Will I move my workout to the afternoon? Hmm…I don’t know. I like to do it in the morning so I know I’ll get it done before the day gets busy and I can  just do a second one if I feel like it later, but…maybe on those days where the morning requires travel then I might move the entire workout to the afternoon.

Do you have a set schedule to workout or do you mix it up and make sure you get it in even if you don’t do it at the same time every day that you workout?

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Throwing in the Towel


Have you ever finally looked at a situation and realized it’s time to stop reaching for things you’ll never be able to achieve? Sometimes I think that’s part of the death of a relationship–somebody gets tired of fighting for it when the other person is not willing to fight to make it work with them and eventually they realize it’s time to walk away.

I think learning when to move on goes for more than just romantic relationships–whether it’s a job, a body dream, the perfect vacation or something else reality will always hit and a person has to know when to either walk away or reshape the fantasy world in their head into a more obtainable reality.

Is life really complicated or do we just make it that way?

Anyway, this morning’s workouts for me were a tad tiresome but still good to do for me. I thought I would share this one for a Slim Waist…that may or may not help with your pursuit of obtaining a slimmer waist.

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