Throwing in the Towel


Have you ever finally looked at a situation and realized it’s time to stop reaching for things you’ll never be able to achieve? Sometimes I think that’s part of the death of a relationship–somebody gets tired of fighting for it when the other person is not willing to fight to make it work with them and eventually they realize it’s time to walk away.

I think learning when to move on goes for more than just romantic relationships–whether it’s a job, a body dream, the perfect vacation or something else reality will always hit and a person has to know when to either walk away or reshape the fantasy world in their head into a more obtainable reality.

Is life really complicated or do we just make it that way?

Anyway, this morning’s workouts for me were a tad tiresome but still good to do for me. I thought I would share this one for a Slim Waist…that may or may not help with your pursuit of obtaining a slimmer waist.

Stay Healthy


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