Benefits of Cardio Before Yoga

I did get a workout in this morning but after doing something I had to do I felt like doing another one and that sparked a little over 40 minutes of cardio and 8 minutes of toning. I thought I was done but decided to do the Yoga for Holiday Meal digestion that I shared before. I noticed a huge difference in my flexibility after the afternoon cardio.

Getting the first full extension in the forward bend to include a hamstring stretch happened while usually when I do this one in the morning post waking up I have to do the knees bent for the first one.

In short, stretches were longer, deeper and felt so great while doing them and after.

Will I move my workout to the afternoon? Hmm…I don’t know. I like to do it in the morning so I know I’ll get it done before the day gets busy and I can  just do a second one if I feel like it later, but…maybe on those days where the morning requires travel then I might move the entire workout to the afternoon.

Do you have a set schedule to workout or do you mix it up and make sure you get it in even if you don’t do it at the same time every day that you workout?

Stay Healthy


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