Boosting Winter Metabolism

This article on 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism This Winter is about how to keep it going during the colder, darker months. One tip is about warming up your breakfast. There is also a tip on staying in bed, and of course, as always, drinking more water. Check out the article for more tips.

cook-book-lette-size-front-coverI really don’t fit in the hibernation category because no matter the season I still workout every day in one fashion or another and I try to eat healthy as well. Now that my cookbook, Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking,  is done and has been released on Lulu, Create Space and Amazon, I do less baking of sweets too. But I get what they’re saying about how many people slow down. Autumn and winter are colder, it gets darker earlier and sometimes that inspires being tired, but also in keeping self safe it’s not always a good idea to go workout in the dark outside.

I firmly believe in working out in the house but some don’t think outside the box of going for a run outside or joining a gym they cannot afford so for some people they just take the seasons off instead of finding other ways to get in their workout.

Whatever your methods for staying healthy no matter the season have fun, stay safe and remember to sometimes think outside the box.

Stay Healthy



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