End of Year Research: 3 Types of Pain in the Butt

Okay this is not a metaphorical “you’re a pain in my butt” thing. It really isn’t.

I can only say that this feels like a first for me. I have definitely exercised my muscles into mutiny before but this one is a first. I was kind of confused because I do not remember pulling a muscle at all while doing yoga that day. I assigned the pain to everything from the switch of chairs I had to use while spending a day knitting on down to loosing too much fat in one cheek…yeah, I went there because no way did I pull a muscle doing yoga. No way! But at the end of it all it comes back to yoga. Go figure…
So while trying to figure out why I have such a pain in one butt cheek I found this great article that actually hit the nail on the head on the first photo. Yep…that’s me.

Now I already know not to stretch pulled muscles. I worked for a PT once upon a time and he always talked about things not to do; stretching pulled muscles was one of those things. “You’ll tear them,” he would say. This from the PT who said he didn’t workout so he could lose weight; he worked out so he could eat :).

There are other areas of pain that  could be linked to something else so if you’re there now, have been there before or might be there in the future you might find the article 3 Types of pain in the butt and what you can do about it  to be helpful.

Stay Healthy


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