HIIT Workout

I just tried this workout in addition to two ab workouts on my list, which includes the one I shared yesterday, and yoga. For this workout you will need to bring your full level of energy. Change any moves that hurt your body as you are the only person who will know what is causing you pain. Pain and feeling the ‘I forgot I had that muscle’ burn are not the same thing.

Have fun and as always–Stay Healthy.

Lose weight in 3 days

Are you trying to lose weight?

I’m not a fan of lose pounds quickly at any means necessary. I think losing weight in a healthy matter is better and more often long lasting. When I came upon the Q&A of how do you lose weight in three days I decided to read the answer. I like that they mentioned that it’s okay to do as long as you are not losing excessive weight.

I also like that they mention doing more high-intensity workouts and why they work. I can say that finding a way to build your own program could be both fun and useful to weight control and weight loss. Here is something you can read on HIIT workouts.

You can also check out the Q&A site above to get you started or more deeply involved in your weight goals. There are other articles in the Q&A that might be interesting to you too.

Stay Healthy

Vegetable Basket

Okay Food


Today I’m talking more about food with a hint of abs. Of course in all my research time I found yet another nutrition.gov link that led me to meal planning and recipes.

I am not a meal prep for the week type person, but sometimes I think about what I want to make for lunch or dinner an hour or so after breakfast. This lets me figure out how much time I’ll need in the kitchen for that meal to come together. This works for me since I work from home but if you’re busy outside the house, have kids or obligations that cut the amount of time you can spend in the kitchen certain days a week then meal planning and early preparation might work for you. It might help you be able to institute eating healthy and balancing it with a busy life.

Abs Boot Camp Workout

I cannot say this is one of my favorites but I do like some of the moves. It is about 15 minutes long. You can do this one on your bed but it does involve squats so you’ll have to get off the bed for about two of the moves for that. Have fun if you try it out.

Stay Healthy

Abs…I couldn’t Resist

I made it my mission to do at least two workout sessions a day this month and somehow I turned it into three today. Yoga and cardio in the morning (yoga for abs, weight loss and legs). Yoga in the afternoon (I’m sure there were abs in there too). Cardio and standing up abs in the late afternoon. And of course as always I found one I just couldn’t pass up so I did more abs.

That was just so much fun for me. I’m sure I’ll fully feel this come morning, but it was totally worth it. I only did one round of the workout below but I just might take the suggestion to torture myself and do two or three next time (i.e. probably tomorrow). What can I say?–I love working out.

Have fun if you try this. You can even do it on the bed.

Stay Healthy


Winning or Losing

Weight! Weight! Weight! It’s always about weight! And if you just had a Brady Bunch, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” thought you would be right. It’s really not always about weight, though. Sometimes it really is a focus on health, getting healthy, staying healthy, and loving healthy.

Nutrition.gov has so many pages of information but here is a link to a list of other articles that you can choose from to guide you on your journey.

Strategies for Success from Nutrition.gov

Keep in mind that while it’s more than just working out, working out is still needed. Physical activity does not require a gym membership so don’t worry if you cannot afford one or just don’t want one. There are other ways to get physically active, some of them might already be things you enjoy doing.

Stay Healthy

Are You Losing Weight, Gaining Weight or Maintaining Weight?

Some people wonder how many calories they need to burn to lose a pound of weight. The answer can be found on Nutrition.gov .

Basically one of the answers it gives puts it at a reduction of 500 calories per day to lose 1 pound in a week. You can read more on their site along with many other helpful details on what happens when you eat more than what you need, how you can burn off stored body fat and more.

What I will say is that if you are trying to lose weight you may have to take up counting calories to get an idea of how much you are already taking in as opposed to how much you need to take in, or burn off, to lose the weight.

If you are trying to gain weight there is an answer for that too on the same page. Each answer seems to have links to where you can continue to study more.

If you are trying to maintain your weight in a healthy manner then the tips given for loss and gaining can help you decipher what you need to keep in your meals by way of calorie count and also how much working out you need to do to maintain instead of losing or gaining.

Stay Healthy

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

There is more to health than just the physical. A person needs to have a healthy mindset in order to live a healthy life. If you hate your body there is nothing you can do, losing or gaining, that will make you love it. You will need to have a healthy body image along with trying to keep your physical body healthy.

Try not to (I say try because doing so could be hard for some) but try not to base your body and your beauty on others. Some people are naturally thinner, some naturally curvier and others are somewhere in the middle ground. There is nothing wrong with any of those diverse shapes. The issue comes in with eating healthy, staying active and doing your best to keep your body healthy. Healthy is a compilation of mental health and physical health.

Read more information on body image here: Body Image

Stay Healthy



Below is a standing workout for abs if you are looking for one to add to your routine.


BMI Mix Up

There are so many sites to find BMI calculators. It’s not hard to find but making sure you can trust the calculator is crucial.  I have shared a couple sites that are government and medical sites on the Calculate Your BMI page on my blog, but here they go again.

CDC:  https://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/bmi/index.html

The BMI calculator on Web MD is slightly different than the one on the cdc.gov site. I attribute this difference to the fact that the government site allows for the .5 and other “.”inches for people who are not a solid one number only whereas the Web MD site does not allow for that so you have to pick rounding down or up. Which way you round will impact your results.  Both site calculators work fine.

There are other government sites that have articles on health, nutrition and weight. I will be going into more detail throughout the next several days of blog posts so be sure to come back to see what might be useful for you.

Stay Healthy

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