New Year Workout Mix Up

I cannot stay sidelined for long and this morning I had it on my list to get up and get my workout in. I didn’t go for yoga this morning because I wanted to try something different today. I plugged in workout warm up and one video led to another and of course an at-home jogging cardio was kind of a norm than a new thing.

I got in the work, had fun, really felt the moves and after the shower I am ready to kick off a full day of study, writing, work and I hope cello practice.

Since I enjoyed the workouts I wanted to share them with you so maybe you can enjoy them too.

Warm Up ~ Definitely good to warm up before getting started. This one is called Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

Standing Abs Exercises ~ I am always into ab workouts that do not involve on my back crunches so this one is definitely going to get added to my list of workouts to do again.

Then there is the Cool Down workout as well. I did not get to do this one as my internet fizzed out on the first move so I just did my regular after my cardio workout, but maybe you might enjoy doing this cool down workout.

As with anything, be sure to pay attention to Your body and do the moves that work for You without hurting yourself.

Stay Healthy


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