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Okay Food


Today I’m talking more about food with a hint of abs. Of course in all my research time I found yet another link that led me to meal planning and recipes.

I am not a meal prep for the week type person, but sometimes I think about what I want to make for lunch or dinner an hour or so after breakfast. This lets me figure out how much time I’ll need in the kitchen for that meal to come together. This works for me since I work from home but if you’re busy outside the house, have kids or obligations that cut the amount of time you can spend in the kitchen certain days a week then meal planning and early preparation might work for you. It might help you be able to institute eating healthy and balancing it with a busy life.

Abs Boot Camp Workout

I cannot say this is one of my favorites but I do like some of the moves. It is about 15 minutes long. You can do this one on your bed but it does involve squats so you’ll have to get off the bed for about two of the moves for that. Have fun if you try it out.

Stay Healthy


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