Yoga Meets Meditation

I did end up working out yesterday. I figured just yoga but I did more which felt good because I had missed a few days of tougher cardio due to health things.

I started yoga off with total body which was just about 10 minutes, then did slim waist at about 10 minutes, got in twenty minutes of cardio and about 10 minutes of meditation. Yes, I still suck at meditation but my mind did not drift as much and I was able to kick the intruding thoughts away.

I found some other helpful meditation videos including this challenge here that is a 30 day challenge that starts from beginner level to help those who are new to it. I have not done these from the challenge yet but they might be worth a try.

This morning I did it right and got in a warm up, Holiday Meal Digestion and Weight Loss Yoga Routine. I wouldn’t say any of these made me break a sweat but they felt really good on my body and I like the lengthen and strengthen that comes with yoga for me.

Stay Healthy


A Day Off or A Few Hours Late

This morning I was kind of thinking of working out, taking the day off or just not reminding myself I hadn’t done it yet (much like knitting yesterday which didn’t get done by the way).

Not that I’m feeling super lazy but yesterday was yard work; the day before that was yard work; the day before that was planting the garden (i.e. more yard work) and today was cleaning. All of this with writing work and design work thrown in with prepping for a final and I pretty much hit the “not in the mood to move anything” moment.

Missing my usual morning workout does not work well for my day. I always notice a difference in my mood and my energy when I miss it so I try not to miss it, but today was just a “maybe later” thing.

Right now it is close to twelve hours past my usual workout time and I still have not done it. I’m going to. I just have to change clothes, roll out the yoga mat, put on a yoga video and get going.

Am I excited about doing this right now?….No, not really. Oh well…less typing, more stretching.

Stay Healthy


Hello Tuesday Yoga

Yoga is just one of those workouts that I can do even if I am not feeling 100%. There are different levels and it doesn’t hurt to take a step back or take a step forward.

I did a few yoga workouts this morning, but I do like this one for Lean Legs so I am more likely to find my way back to it at least a couple times a week, if not more.

Next stop for me is finishing off the last ten pages of edits on my novel (I have more edits after this but I really want to get to the end before starting over again) then it is moving onward to kitchen adventures and knitting. I hope everybody has a good day today.

Stay Healthy

Everything Changes

Humans change; that’s just what we do. Major changes, minor changes, life altering changes–we all change in one fashion or another and that’s not always a bad thing.

My Changes Over Time

Fashion–I used to Love dresses. I created so many dress designs that my closet is full of the ones I made more so than the ones I bought. Not that I hate them now but some I don’t like for me anymore, others don’t fit me anymore and my style has changed enough for me to want something different. I still wear some while others I don’t even pick up.

Personality–I have always been introverted (even when I didn’t know it). I am just more introverted now than before.

Overall I have changed over the years. Some things are very much the same; other things have gently shifted while some other things have had a complete metamorphosis like a caterpillar finally finding its new form. Sometimes it is best to find your path and embrace it with honesty and peace. Not everybody will be happy with the you that you emerged to become, but that doesn’t mean that you are flawed greater than others, that you are a traitor to the other people’s idea of human perfection, or that you need to, or have to, resist becoming the you that is you just to fit into their cocoon. If you are not hurting others then try to love yourself enough to embrace the changes.

Dare to be different. Dare to be whole. Dare to be you.

Stay Healthy





Looking Pregnant After Eating

Maybe you have been there and maybe your haven’t. What am I talking about? Looking pregnant after eating.

For some people it’s just bloating. For some it is more serious and has called for surgery for some. Others have ended up receiving another diagnosis to add to the box of life that will have a person having to research everything they eat in order to avoid pain, or intense abdominal bloating. Life is complicated that way.

For those who are not falling into the “need surgery or need to cut out certain foods entirely” category then knowing you are not alone can help bring some comfort. Plus, it’s apparently normal to bloat after eating. I like to think it’s your stomach’s way of saying thanks for the food–sure wish it could find another way though.

During my searching and my reading of medical sites I was more taken with a basic article on I like the simplicity of the article and the simple, “it happens; it’s normal,” message.

I definitely recommend looking at some of the medical sites that answer questions online if you are very worried about the eating and looking pregnant thing, or if you are just interested in knowing what problems are out there in general.

Stay Healthy

I Suck at Meditation ~ Yoga for Meditation Video

I really do suck at meditation. A few breaths in and my mind went to thinking about the novel I’m trying to finish writing, the book that comes after it and the fact that I need to wash and deep condition my hair today. I kept telling myself breathe in, breath out, focus on your breathing and then I started thinking about writing, writing, more writing. I suck at meditation, but for those of you who don’t here is a yoga meditation video for you.

Have a peaceful weekend and remember to take a little time to take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

Stay Healthy

Another Month, Another Chance

Did you meet your fitness goals for January? If not then don’t worry because we’re stepping into another month which means you have another chance to get it done right.

It’s the first day  of the month so get up, get moving and hit your mark one goal at a time.

To add a little help here is a workout video you can do for free at home. There are so many online so you can find one that really fits you too.

Happy February.

Stay Healthy