Looking Pregnant After Eating

Maybe you have been there and maybe your haven’t. What am I talking about? Looking pregnant after eating.

For some people it’s just bloating. For some it is more serious and has called for surgery for some. Others have ended up receiving another diagnosis to add to the box of life that will have a person having to research everything they eat in order to avoid pain, or intense abdominal bloating. Life is complicated that way.

For those who are not falling into the “need surgery or need to cut out certain foods entirely” category then knowing you are not alone can help bring some comfort. Plus, it’s apparently normal to bloat after eating. I like to think it’s your stomach’s way of saying thanks for the food–sure wish it could find another way though.

During my searching and my reading of medical sites I was more taken with a basic article on Shape.com. I like the simplicity of the article and the simple, “it happens; it’s normal,” message.

I definitely recommend looking at some of the medical sites that answer questions online if you are very worried about the eating and looking pregnant thing, or if you are just interested in knowing what problems are out there in general.

Stay Healthy


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