Everything Changes

Humans change; that’s just what we do. Major changes, minor changes, life altering changes–we all change in one fashion or another and that’s not always a bad thing.

My Changes Over Time

Fashion–I used to Love dresses. I created so many dress designs that my closet is full of the ones I made more so than the ones I bought. Not that I hate them now but some I don’t like for me anymore, others don’t fit me anymore and my style has changed enough for me to want something different. I still wear some while others I don’t even pick up.

Personality–I have always been introverted (even when I didn’t know it). I am just more introverted now than before.

Overall I have changed over the years. Some things are very much the same; other things have gently shifted while some other things have had a complete metamorphosis like a caterpillar finally finding its new form. Sometimes it is best to find your path and embrace it with honesty and peace. Not everybody will be happy with the you that you emerged to become, but that doesn’t mean that you are flawed greater than others, that you are a traitor to the other people’s idea of human perfection, or that you need to, or have to, resist becoming the you that is you just to fit into their cocoon. If you are not hurting others then try to love yourself enough to embrace the changes.

Dare to be different. Dare to be whole. Dare to be you.

Stay Healthy






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