A Day Off or A Few Hours Late

This morning I was kind of thinking of working out, taking the day off or just not reminding myself I hadn’t done it yet (much like knitting yesterday which didn’t get done by the way).

Not that I’m feeling super lazy but yesterday was yard work; the day before that was yard work; the day before that was planting the garden (i.e. more yard work) and today was cleaning. All of this with writing work and design work thrown in with prepping for a final and I pretty much hit the “not in the mood to move anything” moment.

Missing my usual morning workout does not work well for my day. I always notice a difference in my mood and my energy when I miss it so I try not to miss it, but today was just a “maybe later” thing.

Right now it is close to twelve hours past my usual workout time and I still have not done it. I’m going to. I just have to change clothes, roll out the yoga mat, put on a yoga video and get going.

Am I excited about doing this right now?….No, not really. Oh well…less typing, more stretching.

Stay Healthy



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