Yoga Meets Meditation

I did end up working out yesterday. I figured just yoga but I did more which felt good because I had missed a few days of tougher cardio due to health things.

I started yoga off with total body which was just about 10 minutes, then did slim waist at about 10 minutes, got in twenty minutes of cardio and about 10 minutes of meditation. Yes, I still suck at meditation but my mind did not drift as much and I was able to kick the intruding thoughts away.

I found some other helpful meditation videos including this challenge here that is a 30 day challenge that starts from beginner level to help those who are new to it. I have not done these from the challenge yet but they might be worth a try.

This morning I did it right and got in a warm up, Holiday Meal Digestion and Weight Loss Yoga Routine. I wouldn’t say any of these made me break a sweat but they felt really good on my body and I like the lengthen and strengthen that comes with yoga for me.

Stay Healthy



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