Lean Legs, Strong Abs, Full Workouts and Growing Taller…Really

I am always searching for new workouts I might want to try to mix up ones I do all the time. I found a young lady, dancer, who definitely hits on what I would be looking for when I tone and shape my body. I like doing yoga for the same reason. While the person doing the workout won’t have your exact body (no two bodies are exactly the same after all) it is nice to practice from people who have a similar body to what my goal would be and still being honest with myself on what my body can be too.

Anyway, I have done a few of the videos this morning (some I have talked about before and won’t post today) and I did find some others I would like to try this week.

Here We Go

Every day Workout ~ I haven’t done this one yet but I will this week…I think.

Core Workout ~ I haven’t done this one yet either because I did my core with yoga this morning. I do want to try this one though…maybe later today or tomorrow.

Inner Thigh ~ I loved this, but yes it is kind of…hmm…a lot of work even if you workout a lot. It reminds me of Pilates on a couple of the moves. She is a dancer though so I’d imagine she does a lot of Pilates. I will post the video below but please check out her channel for more workouts, dance, and other things too.

Health Videos


Bloating. I find that I have this problem a lot more than I want now (not as if I ever wanted it at all) so I am always researching. This video has some good tips (like lemon in hot/warm water whereas I always do it in cold water in the morning) but I am more interested in trying out the acupressure tips later this morning after errands. It may help me with another issue…it never hurts to try.

Okay…this one I do not really think is possible but I am not a genetic scientist so I don’t know. What I do like about it is the tips for Acupressure and they go for massaging your head so that’s good for hair growth too…or so I’ve been told. I do not think this video will help you Grow Taller, but again…I’m not a scientist on this so it just might. If nothing else you can do a really good massage. The Acupressure part is near the end of the video.

As always, try out new things and see if any of the routines (fitness) work for you. Don’t just take somebody’s word for it because all of our bodies are different and what works for one won’t work for all. Have fun.

Stay Healthy




Why Do People Change? Beauty, yoga and a not so midlife crisis.

Once upon a time I remember loving to decorate my nails, wear dresses, sometimes makeup (for like all of two seconds on the makeup thing) and overall just do all that beauty stuff. Yeah…not so much anymore.

I don’t know what happened to me but I am perfectly happy in tights and a sweater at home, sometimes a summer dress, but nothing like what I used to do.

So far this morning I have done a lot of yoga. I love working out and even though most of yesterday’s workout (the last half) was an accident–I got lost and walked over the same massive bridge twice so that was a total of four times on what was only supposed to be none and then only once…yeah, no comment on that…) I still worked out this morning.

As I decided on jeans and a top I haven’t worn in far too many years I looked at all the hair bonnets on my head right now. I washed my hair two days ago now and it has been under this bonnet since then. Oh, yes, even while walking I just put a really nice paperboy style hat over it. I’m not that into hat styles but I know the style of this hat because this man told me while he sized me up (breasts, shoes, pants) while promising to give me a baby who looked like his son (his son really wasn’t that much younger than me by the way but he didn’t know that because he thought I was younger than his son). Um…I might talk about that one day. Let’s just say be super careful who you hire to do work you cannot do for yourself.

At any rate, I need to do something with my hair today. No, I don’t really need to as I am not planning to go anywhere so I could keep this stuff covering my hair all day, but I don’t know…maybe I’ll take it down.

I find it interesting that my mom talks about her younger days and how she put on makeup and did her hair even if she was just cleaning the house that day or just watching over the kids. I wasn’t born yet by the way…I came later. Now, when I look at her, she doesn’t really do anything for herself unless she’s running an errand or going to a meeting. She’s not that same woman who cleaned like crazy, and she’s just different. She still has great style for her, but she’s different.

I see me differently too. I still clean, and I do still change my clothes in the morning before and after workout plus shower but I am not the me that I was when I was younger…on any level.

I kind of miss the me that was me–not all of her, but some of her. Sadly, I cannot get her back. She’s gone and all that’s left is the me that is me now.

Why do people change as we get older? Is it that the rose colored glasses of life have shattered and we just don’t care anymore? Or are we just tired of caring about not so important things?

Since I’m talking hair this is a video I found this morning. Have fun.

Stay Beautiful

Makeup At The Gym

I took a lot of surveys and I ended up getting subscriptions to magazines. I set health nutrition ones geared toward my mom’s needs. I picked the fitness ones because 1. the ones I would have gotten weren’t there or 2. the ones for travel took a lot more survey taking and I just didn’t have time for that.

One of the magazines that just came to me is Shape. I’m just going through it when I should probably be doing something else but when I came to the section on Beauty Myths Busted the one that stood out to me is the one that had ‘you can’t wear makeup at the gym.’ I like how they responded with the fact that those words are a myth.

The author pointed out the fact that “working out is all about feeling healthy and beautiful in your own skin…” She also says that “wearing a bit of makeup during your sweat session makes perfect sense…” (I cannot find a name associated with this section so I cannot give the author’s name for the quote.)

So, ladies, if you want to wear makeup don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for doing it.

I don’t particularly like wearing makeup but I do know the one time I took on a gym membership to curb my two hour drive home from work that if I wore makeup to work I wasn’t going to try to wash it off before getting started with my workout. Since I rarely wore makeup I probably didn’t do workout sessions with makeup on, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have if I had worn any in the first place.

Look beautiful. Have fun. And as always…

Stay Healthy

It’s Not Just Abs

Everybody knows…or should know…that all the muscles in the body need to be worked and strengthened, but sometimes a person can get so caught up on one part (legs, abs, arms) that they forget to show love to all the others too.

I tend to work on my abs more and leaning my legs but I have no problem skipping the arm and back workouts because I figure they’re getting enough work in all those yoga poses I do for all the other parts of my body. They do actually and they are sure to remind me when I have done too many moves involving my arms and have made them tired. But…all that being said I know I still should devote some time to my arms and my back the same way I devote time to my abs and legs.

This morning I did a lot but I also added this short video for the first time in a long time. If you add it to your routine let me know how you liked it.

Stay Healthy

Finding Sunblock is Hard, Losing Weight is Not

I am searching for a sunblock because in my research I found that sunblock is not the same as sunscreen and it would work better for me..no, the research didn’t say it would work better for me it’s just what I decided while researching everything because I need a new Sunblock.

At any rate I found that different doctors label sunblock and sunscreen as two different products while the Department of Dermatology kind of puts it as the same thing and that the proof is in the numbers…or more like what it does for you falls in the numbers game. I gave up for the night and was getting ready to shut down and move on when I found a site on one of the articles I was reading about sunblock and sunscreen on about  Weight Loss . (Articles are not related I’m sure but it showed up there anyway.)

I can agree with the “it takes time” part, and the part about not doing any diets that aren’t healthy for your body and not skipping meals.

Personally, I don’t diet. I prefer healthy lifestyle and eating healthy (mostly healthy) and trying not to worry too much about how quickly I lose weight except for when I am on a mission–like my lose five pounds mission. Well, no…I am not all that focused on it as I should be I guess, but if five pounds go within a couple months that will be fine by me…if not, that’s fine too. It’s only five pounds. It’s not like I’m trying to lose half my body weight by Christmas or anything.

morning-1369446_1920If you’re trying to lose, maintain or just help a friend maybe the article linked above could help get some clarity. If you’re trying to decipher the difference between sunblock and sunscreen…well…good luck, but here is the link to the Department of Dermatology’s information and another one on How to Choose a Sunblock from wikkiHow..

Stay Healthy

Happy Spring

Another day, another season. Happy Spring to those of you waking up to this new season and if you’re waking up to a different one make that one happy too.

Did you meet your winter body goals? Did you get in your workouts, start eating healthy, check a few things off that to-do list for the season? Well, I hope so. If you have new goals or continuous goals for Spring don’t give up working on them because you cannot get there if you keep quitting.

My goals are never really broken down by season. I find that sometimes I have the attention span of an ant and I’ll always think of something else I’d rather try than the long term-goal. So instead of setting a long term to-do list I like to just have a general idea of what I want to see body-wise before the end of X (X being the month, the season or even the year).

My Goals on the To-Do List Right Now

  1. Continue to work on my “perfectly flat” abs. Yeah, I am kind of sure that’s never going to happen for me but I can have fun dreaming about them while I work on it.
  2. Lose 5 pounds. Yes…I want this, not need it. It’s a Want so I’m going to try to knock it off my list within the next couple months (but no promises; okay?).
  3. Successfully finish a knitted sweater I’m designing for myself. I swear these sweaters are about the only thing that I currently knit that I never get just the way I want them.

I know there aren’t a lot of body shaping goals but I will keep up with my fitness and try to expand on workouts that I can like, love, and enjoy doing. My focus seems to be trying to hit it hard for my abs. What can I say; abs are really the only thing I’m obsessed about right now so they’re the only body shaping goal I’m night and day focused on. Everything else seems to take care of itself while I’m hitting it hard trying to whip those abs into shape.

morning-1369446_1920Other than those goals I just want to keep staying active, keep working out daily with yoga and other fitness adventures to keep my body going strong and of course eating as healthy as I can as often as I can.

What are your fitness and life goals for the week or the season?

Stay Healthy

Trying New Things

I was reading one post online somewhere and it mentioned how a stomach vacuum exercise move helped magically (or so it would seem) slim their waistline. I hadn’t heard of this move and since the person hadn’t explained it I went on the search which led me to a far too long article and I opted to jump to YouTube to see if I could find anything there. I found the video below. She talks a little too long but eventually she does get around with giving the viewer the steps on how to do this move.

I am going to try this move every day (in addition to my usual workout schedule) and I’ll see what happens. I know it won’t come swiftly but it would be cool to see if I see a slimmer waistline than I have now by…maybe…Christmas. If I remember that goal mark I’ll try to remember to tell you all if it worked for me.

If any of you are going to try it let me know if it works for you. If you already have tried it then let me know how you liked it.

Have fun.

Stay Healthy.


Monday Morning Yoga

Another Monday and another workday full of stuff to do. My novel, Fire and Ice, officially releases tomorrow going from pre-order e-book status to live for reading status. The print copy is available now and B&N for Nook just might be up later today so I’m working on the usual writing new release things.

I’m working on the next novel. It’s going pretty well so I don’t feel any time pressure at the moment. I’m studying for a certification program so that’s that (even if I don’t feel like “that” it must be done). And of course, as always, there is cooking, cleaning and life stuff to do. The yard might need to be cut today but I’m hoping for rain to knock that out of today’s thought process. If it doesn’t rain, knowing me, I’ll keep looking out the window and wondering if it “needs” to be done today and I’ll probably want to do it even if it doesn’t. Busy is an understatement. The harder I try to leave some “me” time throughout the day the less I do it–except for working out that is. Workouts are a daily for me and this Monday morning kicked off with yoga.

I did two of the morning workouts to start–the one in bed and the one below. Then I moved on to hamstrings and core workout yoga. I think I’ll add in another twenty minutes of cardio and then get the rest of my day going outside the workouts. Maybe I’ll return after lunch for a little more yoga, maybe I won’t.

I hope everybody has a great week out there wherever you are.

Stay Healthy

Helpful Meditation Tips

Do you meditate? Are you afraid to do it? Not to worry, there is a way.

From the woman who professes to suck at meditation I have been trying to do it more. So far I have found what doesn’t work for me and what does.

           Doesn’t Work:

Doing the yoga meditation videos I found online. It’s not that they don’t work for somebody it’s just that once I get into the concentrating on breathing part the person teaching in the video starts talking and it just really pulls me out of the focus on breathing thing.

Music–I know I love music…maybe too much. Music makes me think of so many things and none of those things equate to focusing on breathing. Even the most calming music can make me think of either trying to play something like it on cello or writing a great scene for my book I’m working on at the time.

          Things That Work:

Focusing on breath in, breath out, in the first few breaths sets my mind on focus and takes it away from the “to-do” list.

Having the heater going. When I’m cold, cool or close to either I can turn on the space heater and the wave of soft sound blurs out the ticking clock and other things.

        Ideas & Tips for Future Meditation:

Buy a sound machine to blur out noises that could distract you.

Set the alarm clock so your focus does not break wondering how long you have been doing the meditation and how long you have left for yourself.

Take a break. Meditate on freeing your mind of stress, anger and sadness. You might find that your day, or even your night, will go more peacefully that way.

Stay Healthy

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