Helpful Meditation Tips

Do you meditate? Are you afraid to do it? Not to worry, there is a way.

From the woman who professes to suck at meditation I have been trying to do it more. So far I have found what doesn’t work for me and what does.

           Doesn’t Work:

Doing the yoga meditation videos I found online. It’s not that they don’t work for somebody it’s just that once I get into the concentrating on breathing part the person teaching in the video starts talking and it just really pulls me out of the focus on breathing thing.

Music–I know I love music…maybe too much. Music makes me think of so many things and none of those things equate to focusing on breathing. Even the most calming music can make me think of either trying to play something like it on cello or writing a great scene for my book I’m working on at the time.

          Things That Work:

Focusing on breath in, breath out, in the first few breaths sets my mind on focus and takes it away from the “to-do” list.

Having the heater going. When I’m cold, cool or close to either I can turn on the space heater and the wave of soft sound blurs out the ticking clock and other things.

        Ideas & Tips for Future Meditation:

Buy a sound machine to blur out noises that could distract you.

Set the alarm clock so your focus does not break wondering how long you have been doing the meditation and how long you have left for yourself.

Take a break. Meditate on freeing your mind of stress, anger and sadness. You might find that your day, or even your night, will go more peacefully that way.

Stay Healthy

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