Monday Morning Yoga

Another Monday and another workday full of stuff to do. My novel, Fire and Ice, officially releases tomorrow going from pre-order e-book status to live for reading status. The print copy is available now and B&N for Nook just might be up later today so I’m working on the usual writing new release things.

I’m working on the next novel. It’s going pretty well so I don’t feel any time pressure at the moment. I’m studying for a certification program so that’s that (even if I don’t feel like “that” it must be done). And of course, as always, there is cooking, cleaning and life stuff to do. The yard might need to be cut today but I’m hoping for rain to knock that out of today’s thought process. If it doesn’t rain, knowing me, I’ll keep looking out the window and wondering if it “needs” to be done today and I’ll probably want to do it even if it doesn’t. Busy is an understatement. The harder I try to leave some “me” time throughout the day the less I do it–except for working out that is. Workouts are a daily for me and this Monday morning kicked off with yoga.

I did two of the morning workouts to start–the one in bed and the one below. Then I moved on to hamstrings and core workout yoga. I think I’ll add in another twenty minutes of cardio and then get the rest of my day going outside the workouts. Maybe I’ll return after lunch for a little more yoga, maybe I won’t.

I hope everybody has a great week out there wherever you are.

Stay Healthy


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