Trying New Things

I was reading one post online somewhere and it mentioned how a stomach vacuum exercise move helped magically (or so it would seem) slim their waistline. I hadn’t heard of this move and since the person hadn’t explained it I went on the search which led me to a far too long article and I opted to jump to YouTube to see if I could find anything there. I found the video below. She talks a little too long but eventually she does get around with giving the viewer the steps on how to do this move.

I am going to try this move every day (in addition to my usual workout schedule) and I’ll see what happens. I know it won’t come swiftly but it would be cool to see if I see a slimmer waistline than I have now by…maybe…Christmas. If I remember that goal mark I’ll try to remember to tell you all if it worked for me.

If any of you are going to try it let me know if it works for you. If you already have tried it then let me know how you liked it.

Have fun.

Stay Healthy.



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