Finding Sunblock is Hard, Losing Weight is Not

I am searching for a sunblock because in my research I found that sunblock is not the same as sunscreen and it would work better for, the research didn’t say it would work better for me it’s just what I decided while researching everything because I need a new Sunblock.

At any rate I found that different doctors label sunblock and sunscreen as two different products while the Department of Dermatology kind of puts it as the same thing and that the proof is in the numbers…or more like what it does for you falls in the numbers game. I gave up for the night and was getting ready to shut down and move on when I found a site on one of the articles I was reading about sunblock and sunscreen on about  Weight Loss . (Articles are not related I’m sure but it showed up there anyway.)

I can agree with the “it takes time” part, and the part about not doing any diets that aren’t healthy for your body and not skipping meals.

Personally, I don’t diet. I prefer healthy lifestyle and eating healthy (mostly healthy) and trying not to worry too much about how quickly I lose weight except for when I am on a mission–like my lose five pounds mission. Well, no…I am not all that focused on it as I should be I guess, but if five pounds go within a couple months that will be fine by me…if not, that’s fine too. It’s only five pounds. It’s not like I’m trying to lose half my body weight by Christmas or anything.

morning-1369446_1920If you’re trying to lose, maintain or just help a friend maybe the article linked above could help get some clarity. If you’re trying to decipher the difference between sunblock and sunscreen…well…good luck, but here is the link to the Department of Dermatology’s information and another one on How to Choose a Sunblock from wikkiHow..

Stay Healthy


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