It’s Not Just Abs

Everybody knows…or should know…that all the muscles in the body need to be worked and strengthened, but sometimes a person can get so caught up on one part (legs, abs, arms) that they forget to show love to all the others too.

I tend to work on my abs more and leaning my legs but I have no problem skipping the arm and back workouts because I figure they’re getting enough work in all those yoga poses I do for all the other parts of my body. They do actually and they are sure to remind me when I have done too many moves involving my arms and have made them tired. But…all that being said I know I still should devote some time to my arms and my back the same way I devote time to my abs and legs.

This morning I did a lot but I also added this short video for the first time in a long time. If you add it to your routine let me know how you liked it.

Stay Healthy


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