Makeup At The Gym

I took a lot of surveys and I ended up getting subscriptions to magazines. I set health nutrition ones geared toward my mom’s needs. I picked the fitness ones because 1. the ones I would have gotten weren’t there or 2. the ones for travel took a lot more survey taking and I just didn’t have time for that.

One of the magazines that just came to me is Shape. I’m just going through it when I should probably be doing something else but when I came to the section on Beauty Myths Busted the one that stood out to me is the one that had ‘you can’t wear makeup at the gym.’ I like how they responded with the fact that those words are a myth.

The author pointed out the fact that “working out is all about feeling healthy and beautiful in your own skin…” She also says that “wearing a bit of makeup during your sweat session makes perfect sense…” (I cannot find a name associated with this section so I cannot give the author’s name for the quote.)

So, ladies, if you want to wear makeup don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for doing it.

I don’t particularly like wearing makeup but I do know the one time I took on a gym membership to curb my two hour drive home from work that if I wore makeup to work I wasn’t going to try to wash it off before getting started with my workout. Since I rarely wore makeup I probably didn’t do workout sessions with makeup on, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have if I had worn any in the first place.

Look beautiful. Have fun. And as always…

Stay Healthy


2 thoughts on “Makeup At The Gym

  1. Hannah Miller Fitness says:

    I think it depends specifically on what kind of make-up. For example, mascara, won’t bother you. But with eye shadow, once you begin to really sweat, your eye shadow mixed with sweat can begin to burn your eyes–it happens to me sometimes.

    I think the worse thing to wear to the gym (and I’m guilty of it 🙈) is foundation. When we get warm and sweaty our pores open up, which allows dirt, bacteria, and our foundation to clog our pores.

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