Why Do People Change? Beauty, yoga and a not so midlife crisis.

Once upon a time I remember loving to decorate my nails, wear dresses, sometimes makeup (for like all of two seconds on the makeup thing) and overall just do all that beauty stuff. Yeah…not so much anymore.

I don’t know what happened to me but I am perfectly happy in tights and a sweater at home, sometimes a summer dress, but nothing like what I used to do.

So far this morning I have done a lot of yoga. I love working out and even though most of yesterday’s workout (the last half) was an accident–I got lost and walked over the same massive bridge twice so that was a total of four times on what was only supposed to be none and then only once…yeah, no comment on that…) I still worked out this morning.

As I decided on jeans and a top I haven’t worn in far too many years I looked at all the hair bonnets on my head right now. I washed my hair two days ago now and it has been under this bonnet since then. Oh, yes, even while walking I just put a really nice paperboy style hat over it. I’m not that into hat styles but I know the style of this hat because this man told me while he sized me up (breasts, shoes, pants) while promising to give me a baby who looked like his son (his son really wasn’t that much younger than me by the way but he didn’t know that because he thought I was younger than his son). Um…I might talk about that one day. Let’s just say be super careful who you hire to do work you cannot do for yourself.

At any rate, I need to do something with my hair today. No, I don’t really need to as I am not planning to go anywhere so I could keep this stuff covering my hair all day, but I don’t know…maybe I’ll take it down.

I find it interesting that my mom talks about her younger days and how she put on makeup and did her hair even if she was just cleaning the house that day or just watching over the kids. I wasn’t born yet by the way…I came later. Now, when I look at her, she doesn’t really do anything for herself unless she’s running an errand or going to a meeting. She’s not that same woman who cleaned like crazy, and she’s just different. She still has great style for her, but she’s different.

I see me differently too. I still clean, and I do still change my clothes in the morning before and after workout plus shower but I am not the me that I was when I was younger…on any level.

I kind of miss the me that was me–not all of her, but some of her. Sadly, I cannot get her back. She’s gone and all that’s left is the me that is me now.

Why do people change as we get older? Is it that the rose colored glasses of life have shattered and we just don’t care anymore? Or are we just tired of caring about not so important things?

Since I’m talking hair this is a video I found this morning. Have fun.

Stay Beautiful


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