Lean Legs, Strong Abs, Full Workouts and Growing Taller…Really

I am always searching for new workouts I might want to try to mix up ones I do all the time. I found a young lady, dancer, who definitely hits on what I would be looking for when I tone and shape my body. I like doing yoga for the same reason. While the person doing the workout won’t have your exact body (no two bodies are exactly the same after all) it is nice to practice from people who have a similar body to what my goal would be and still being honest with myself on what my body can be too.

Anyway, I have done a few of the videos this morning (some I have talked about before and won’t post today) and I did find some others I would like to try this week.

Here We Go

Every day Workout ~ I haven’t done this one yet but I will this week…I think.

Core Workout ~ I haven’t done this one yet either because I did my core with yoga this morning. I do want to try this one though…maybe later today or tomorrow.

Inner Thigh ~ I loved this, but yes it is kind of…hmm…a lot of work even if you workout a lot. It reminds me of Pilates on a couple of the moves. She is a dancer though so I’d imagine she does a lot of Pilates. I will post the video below but please check out her channel for more workouts, dance, and other things too.

Health Videos


Bloating. I find that I have this problem a lot more than I want now (not as if I ever wanted it at all) so I am always researching. This video has some good tips (like lemon in hot/warm water whereas I always do it in cold water in the morning) but I am more interested in trying out the acupressure tips later this morning after errands. It may help me with another issue…it never hurts to try.

Okay…this one I do not really think is possible but I am not a genetic scientist so I don’t know. What I do like about it is the tips for Acupressure and they go for massaging your head so that’s good for hair growth too…or so I’ve been told. I do not think this video will help you Grow Taller, but again…I’m not a scientist on this so it just might. If nothing else you can do a really good massage. The Acupressure part is near the end of the video.

As always, try out new things and see if any of the routines (fitness) work for you. Don’t just take somebody’s word for it because all of our bodies are different and what works for one won’t work for all. Have fun.

Stay Healthy





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