Hello April

Happy April everybody. It’s a new month with new ideas, old ideas and yet another chance to kick off the month on the right track. Remember not to hold yourself back out of fear or because of somebody else telling you that you cannot do it. If it’s legal (I can’t believe I feel the need to stipulate the legal part but today’s day and age kind of makes that a necessity) but if it’s legal and not hurting anybody go for it.

One of my biggest regrets in life is letting other older people dictate what I should do with my life and shouldn’t do. I could be in a place where I want to be had I taken my life into my hands and made it the best that I could without other people’s judgment. So, from one adult to another,, and those on their way to young adult too, remember the decisions you make are the ones you will have to live with.

Make every day in April the best that you can and it will help you make your future better too.


Happy April



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