Yoga While Pregnant

Even if you’re not pregnant you might like the ease and flow of this workout. I think it would be great for a post meal workout. I have seen scientific reports via videos that stress that going for a walk after every meal helps with Diabetes, blood sugar levels for all people and so much more.

Not everybody lives in areas where they can feel free to go walking at certain hours of the day, and not everybody has a treadmill; some of the information I found also said that physical activity, even if it is cleaning is good.

I think indoor yoga is good because there are certain hours of the day that are better to not be in the sun so you could have a gentle after lunch workout with yoga. While this video is geared toward pregnant women (she is pregnant as you can see) it is still a comfortable stretch even if you’re not pregnant. It’s not very long but it could be a good start and you can click on another workout for more post meal activity too.

Stay Healthy


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