Kicking Off the Week Right; Food, Water and a Recipe

Usually my breakfast is a Green Smoothie but since my mom says she can hear everything I do in the kitchen I won’t make them before she wakes up. She sleeps much later than I do and while I am not hungry in the morning after doing a workout and all morning duties I figure I should eat something. Today I had fruit and nuts. I like fruit a lot and I like nuts so it worked.


I also had my homemade ginger-lemon and cinnamon water. This helps with digestion and I have heard people say it helps with reducing bloating and that it helps with weight loss. The only thing I can say is that when I just did lemon and water I sometimes noticed less bloating later in the morning, but when I added this mix of natural ingredients I did notice that I did not have bloating and if I had any it was very little compared to what it was before. This mix is newer for me to drink so I will see how long that lasts.

The recipe for the water is below: Recipe? I know; right ;).

cook-book-lette-size-front-coverDespite having to measure to do my cookbook, Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking, I do not measure so some of this will be a to-taste thing.

Needed for the Ginger-Lemon Cinnamon Water

4 lemons (small to medium size…whichever you have will work) ~ If you are using a smaller container using 2-3 will make sure that the lemon flavor is not too strong if you do not like it that way.

1 small section of the gingerroot (small is relative so I would say at least about 3.5-4 inches cut off)

1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon (Now with this I just put the cinnamon in without measuring so I could have used more but 1 T is a good start)

Obviously you will need water. I used filtered water.


  1. Boil water (at least 1 cup)
  2. Peal the gingerroot. Grate it ~ you can do it the old fashioned using a grater way or you can use one of the electronic machines like a blender or food processor or whatever you usually use. Leave the grated gingerroot in a glass bowl (or whatever heat stable dish you have that you can cover.
  3. Roll lemons to soften and then squeeze them into a glass / measuring cup…whatever will be easy for you to lift, hold, and use while holding a strainer…or just to get it out of your way for now. (Leave ½ of one lemon to cut into slices to add to the water.
  4. Once the water is done heating add about a cup of hot water into your bowl that has the gingerroot; add in the cinnamon, stir and then cover with the top of the bowl or plastic wrap for twenty minutes.
  5. After 20 minutes strain the gingerroot into your container where you will be holding the water, then strain in the lemon juice to keep out seeds and pulp (unless you like the pulp then just be sure to get the seeds out).
  6. Add cold drinking water (filtered is good but if you buy gallon containers of spring water that will be fine too.) Add as much water as you want (that your container will hold) and let it sit overnight. You can sit this in the refrigerator or you can leave it on the counter. My glass container is heavy so I left it on the island with the top on.
  7. In the morning you can drink a glass before eating or drinking anything else. If you left the container on the counter you can add ice to take it from room temperature up to cold status.

IMG_9756This doesn’t last long in our house (evident by the near empty container there) because we both drink it and because I drink more than one glass a day since it is so delicious. Oh, and this is great to add to your water bottle to take with you to school, out to work, for your workout and wherever else you are going.

Enjoy and as always…

Stay Healthy


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