I know exactly what I want to do for my workout today–I even made a list to help keep me focused. So far I haven’t done anything on the list but I decided before going to bed I wanted to start the morning with morning yoga in bed. I did that and then decided to do meditation before I get into a hardcore workout to help me meet my goals.

I am really starting to like meditation, even though my mind does start to wander a little. I think I like more calm and less talking but I find when the talking starts I’m less likely to wonder if it’s almost over yet because there is somebody still there, even with my eyes closed, so we must still be doing this meditation thing and I should try my best not to think about what needs to be done today while I’m doing it.

I am getting better. As I have heard before, “practice makes permanent”; while I do not agree that happens fully I do believe if you build a routine for yourself that you are more likely to keep it going.

I found the meditation video below this morning. It’s just about eleven minutes so if you have time and want to try it I will post it below.

Stay Healthy


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