Ballet Swan Arms

I really like these ballet toning and shaping workouts so far. Today was only my second day with the full setup that I put together for myself. (Put together means I picked the workouts I want to focus on for April and May.)

These are difficult. The first set might not make you feel the burn, but eventually you will. I very much like the dancer’s body look of long, lean and toned without being overly muscular looking. It’s one of the things I love about doing yoga is that I can get cardio, toning, shaping, stretching and so much more utilizing my own body and the right moves to make it happen.

ballet-shoes-999807_1920When I found the Ballet Beautiful line of workouts online I just had to jump  in and try one.  One led to two and two led to a lot more. I’m still finding videos and since I like them so much I will check Amazon to see if they come in a set because I would love to add them to my collection.

At any rate, here is one that is for the arms and you can find the others on YouTube for legs, abs, butt, posture and more arms too. Have fun.

Stay Healthy


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