A Morning to Remember

notebook-791070_1920 (2)I have a list for that. I seem to have a list for everything. So this morning I clicked into the list I saved in Word instead of pulling out the one I printed out. The one on the computer is easier to reach the links.

I pushed myself through the first workout but decided I didn’t want to do any of the others on today’s list. I shut down the computer and decided to jog and then run a bit around my room and then do yoga.

While silently asking myself why I even bother to make a list I started thinking about what else I want to change. I realized I want to change my wardrobe–the entire thing outside of my boots that I like.

This morning was the morning when I realized again that everything changes–not just a workout schedule, a meal, a daily to-do list–but a person can entirely change from one life cycle to the next. If you’re lucky, you become better, nicer, stronger, and more confident in yourself. People change, and that’s not always a bad thing.

If you want to wear that mini skirt–wear it. If you want to wear makeup–wear it. You get one life in this world so don’t throw it away on somebody else’s vision of perfection.

Stay Fashionable. Stay Healthy.




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