Friday Mix Up

I had told myself I would take at least one day a week away from working out this month…then I made a little space that told me that yoga would be okay or a light walk is fine. Yes, I am trying to take one day off and it’s difficult as that is not my norm, but that didn’t happen this Friday and so far I have changed many of my daily workout schedules set for the month of April and May in the second week since making the schedule in the first place. I know…but I love working out and sometimes I just like to do what I want to do on that day and sometimes it’s not what’s on the list that day. And now I know why it really is pointless for me to make a list–I change them all like all the time.

So how did I just mix up Friday? I did a light jog-run around my room after lunch. I should have waited an hour or so after lunch but I was just in the mood to do something. Even a light lunch needs time to digest though so next time I will just do the suggested leisure walk instead of the jog-run thing. I only did 20 minutes when I could have done 30 had my stomach not been protesting my decision to break my day off plan in the first place.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow since tomorrow is not here yet but I’m feeling the need to get a super early jog in the house done and some yoga too.

I love working out. I know people who hate it and it’s a struggle for them to get up and do something. For me, it’s like “Woohoo! Bring it on.”

Have a fun weekend everybody. As always…

Stay Healthy


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