Dance it Off with Clean Hair

woman-776417_1280I found the video below because I was looking for a washing hair with soap article and decided to watch the video about it instead.

My mother told me when she was growing up they washed their hair with soap. Her hair was long and thick and looked great in all the pictures I saw of her so I thought maybe after I finish off the shampoo I have (or sooner) I might consider it. I am sure the way it was done in this video is not how they did it but I would love to try it and add my own essential oils to the mix and maybe some of the last of my jojoba oil too. Maybe…but don’t quote me on that because I might do something different.

My mother also told me they rinsed their hair with vinegar (I think ACV) but no way am I doing that! I HATE the smell of vinegar. I don’t care how much water it’s mixed with I just can’t stand the smell.

Anyway, the video below I simply have to try. I have errands to do today so I didn’t get my workout in yet but I have working out on my mental list for after I get back home. I have to try this. It looks like it’s killer on the legs and could be so much fun too.

If you try the workout have fun with it and let me know if you liked it. Also, feel free to comment about using soap to wash your hair below. Have you tried it? Do you like it? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Stay Beautiful. Stay Healthy.



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