Just Because It’s Old It Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Work

My mom and I were talking since I asked about the using soap and vinegar thing. She told me they didn’t do the melting thing as they just used the soap. It wasn’t some special concoction of soap as they used what they bathed with. I figured that much but I might try melting and adding some other oils one day.

As for the vinegar she said they used whatever they had. She said that they didn’t think about that stuff. It’s these younger people who feel the need to pick it apart and add new things as the only way of doing it. On this I can agree with her.

First they say don’t comb your hair as it is bad for your hair. My mother combed my hair from childhood onward and my hair grew just fine and stayed healthy.

Then it was the don’t brush your hair because you will give it split ends and it will break off. Years ago it was the brush your hair every night 100 strokes and it will grow thing.

That seems to just be human nature. Somebody comes around and just professes that something that has worked for decades won’t work because they say it won’t. At the end of the day you have to do what will work for you with your hair.

I found this article on the homemade conditioner  All vinegar stinks to me. But if I can come up with some other ideas I might try a natural conditioner.

I just picked up another VO5 conditioner but if I really want to get rid of chemicals it would be best if I stopped with the store-bought products and just make all of my own instead of just some of my own products.

Do you DIY spa and hair products?

Stay Beautiful


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