After the Storm Part II

Well it’s Part I for you all here but I had to post on my other blog first because I am still writing and do have a book that will be out in the Christmas in the Mountains segment late November early December. My leading lady has talked herself into trouble. See the cover below:

Accidental Boyfriend cover new picture with author title

Anyway, with the storm gone and the power finally back on I am without the Internet at home. I miss it a little but I am also glad it’s gone. One, it saves me money not to have to keep it on. Two, it allows me to focus on my writing work and my knitting. I’m even coming up with new recipes…maybe I’ll write another cookbook.  (Lulu, Amazon, Create Space.)


Basically, with the Internet gone and my only time to use it is when I leave the house to get to a place where it’s free for me I will not be on here much. I’ll try to write up blogs to schedule and chat about new workouts and things of that sort. I’ll still be around, just not as much as before.

Thanks to all of you who are still with me. Say hi and I will respond once I’m back on the Internet.


Capri Montgomery


Happy September

We are getting closer to Autumn and seasonal changes brings with it a change of clothes and for some a change of workouts. Will you be doing your usual workouts or will you be adding something new, going back to something old but something you had fun with?

I have gotten off my solid vegetarian path and I do notice a difference. I felt a lot better when I didn’t eat shrimp or fish and I am going to try to go back to not eating that. If I eat it I do not want to eat it more than once a week. I know some might say “it’s only seafood” but seafood is a meat. While only eating that pushes me into yet another food box with yet another title, it’s still meat. Not that I have something against people eating meat, but I feel better physically when I don’t eat it.

In other health news–I am one pound away from my goal of getting back to the weight I was before I gained the five pounds. I’m not tall so the additional weight on me is definitely noticeable and I didn’t really like that at all. I cannot really talk to anybody about it because they always give me the jab of “you don’t need,” or even the insults that come with having health and weight goals. The thing is, I never said I “need” to lose weight. I said I “want” to lose weight. I liked the me before the additional five pounds and I very much plan to get that last pound to go away (the healthy way of course).

I hope everybody has a great end of summer.

Stay Healthy