Yoga in the Morning

I like yoga at any point of the day but I am more likely to do it in the early morning to get me stretched out and my day started. Most days it helps me to knock out the daily worries because I really have to focus on the move that I’m doing so I can be sure to stay balanced.

If you’re interested in using yoga for your workout I recommend Tara Stiles. I found her videos on YouTube and her videos stuck with me the most. She also has a lot of different videos focusing on different parts of the body and in different lengths so you can pick whichever one fits you at that moment. From beginner and intermediate to advanced…it’s all there.

I Did It My Way Yoga 2I like this one for Weight Loss because it really does work the entire body. I don’t know if you’ll lose weight so I am not making that claim, but I like this one as a starter for some of my mornings and I follow it up with things like lean legs and slim waist.

Have fun finding the workouts You like to do. What works for one person will not always fit another.

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Stay Healthy


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