Breathing While Stitching

I have said I’m not good at this meditation thing and I really am not. I have a tendency for my mind to wander off to things that need to be done, should be written, should be cooked. It’s hard to sit still and meditate. Even if I set the timer I find myself thinking, “is it almost over yet?”

All that being said, I found this video while working on some knitting research. It might be good for you if ou want to try to at least attempt to meditate.

Meditation Video

Stay Healthy

Life Shifts

Life is one of those things. Unstable. Undetermined. Uncontrollable. Life just happens to all of us and no matter how hard you work to change or fix something it doesn’t mean if will be changed or fixed.

So what do you do when you’re in that area of your life when everything seems the same and none of it seams right?

For me I think I haven’t found the perfect solution to that question. I love to workout. I always feel better after I do it. No matter how hard in cardio I push myself I feel amazing and happy. It’s like I accomplished something new when all I really did was do something old.

I won’t say that working out is my crutch in and of itself, but I think because I find when I’m down, or stressed, my first thought is to change clothes and hit the workout hard kind of means I do lean on working out for both physical and emotional health. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I love to workout but should I also use it as my therapist? Should I really let myself run to yet another workout in a day that can total up to five just because I need to take my mind off things? Should I use it to avoid my pain or should I force myself to deal with what has me running?

As a woman who was once a psych major I know the logical answer to those questions. Avoidance does not make the problem go away. When the adrenaline calms you’ll circle right back around to the same problem that sent you running in the first place.

Good, bad, something in between–life shifts are inevitable. Enjoy the good, learn from the bad and keep going in the in between. You never know, the next shift might just be amazingly epic.

Stay Healthy