Morning Surprises

I’m happy to say that with a morning, “why not step on that” move to the scale I am three pounds lighter so I guess most of the gain was a hormonal thing. Yeah, I like the smaller numbers so I’m glad to know I didn’t just “let myself go” even though I didn’t think I had since I was still working out and trying to eat mostly healthy.

While I’m happy about the slightly smaller number I don’t want to lose the fuller cheeks thing. As a lot of people already know, you cannot control where your body puts on the weight or drops it. You can tone, sculpt, stretch, but that doesn’t mean the pounds are going to go where you want them to go.

So what’s next?

I’m going to keep working out but I am going to try to stay here where I am and not go more than three to four pounds up and not more than  two to three pounds down. Try being the operative word. Since I really don’t step on the scale unless I am worried because one of my fave dresses is fitting tighter and my stomach looks poofy, then I don’t think I will keep a strong watch on the numbers so I won’t know for sure if what I’m doing is keeping me in the number range I have decided I would like to stay within.

At any rate I kicked off the morning with a much welcome weigh-in surprise and manged to get my yoga practice in too.

I hope you all have a good, productive and healthy week. I am going to go make breakfast.

Stay Healthy

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