Drop the Half

I am a huge fan of don’t drop my half inch in my height. I don’t mind being what people call short but do not drop that half inch because that half inch is mine. But today I realized it’s sometimes best to drop the half.

When calculating the BMI via the CDC adult calculator while I rechecked the math formula my nutrition program had me using I found 1. I don’t suck at math. 2. It’s best to drop the half for a lot more than just doing lazy math.

On the CDC calculations if I drop my half I am at the perfect normal weight. If I add my half I am 1 pound underweight. And if I cut my half in half and do 1/4 I am still underweight by 1 pound but with this I would have 1 pound less space for the max weight permitted to be deemed normal.

A long while ago somebody who is in the weight and fitness profession told me that BMI was never meant to be a definite. They brought out the fact that muscular men/women could come in as overweight just because of the numbers and height ratio. They could be healthy and fit but the numbers don’t know if you are comprised of mostly fat or mostly muscle.

Well, I like my weight just the way it is so 1 pound or not, I do not plan to gain it. For this I will drop my half inch but that doesn’t mean I’ll drop it for everything.

Stay Healthy