Just Because It’s Old It Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Work

My mom and I were talking since I asked about the using soap and vinegar thing. She told me they didn’t do the melting thing as they just used the soap. It wasn’t some special concoction of soap as they used what they bathed with. I figured that much but I might try melting and adding some other oils one day.

As for the vinegar she said they used whatever they had. She said that they didn’t think about that stuff. It’s these younger people who feel the need to pick it apart and add new things as the only way of doing it. On this I can agree with her.

First they say don’t comb your hair as it is bad for your hair. My mother combed my hair from childhood onward and my hair grew just fine and stayed healthy.

Then it was the don’t brush your hair because you will give it split ends and it will break off. Years ago it was the brush your hair every night 100 strokes and it will grow thing.

That seems to just be human nature. Somebody comes around and just professes that something that has worked for decades won’t work because they say it won’t. At the end of the day you have to do what will work for you with your hair.

I found this article on the homemade conditioner  All vinegar stinks to me. But if I can come up with some other ideas I might try a natural conditioner.

I just picked up another VO5 conditioner but if I really want to get rid of chemicals it would be best if I stopped with the store-bought products and just make all of my own instead of just some of my own products.

Do you DIY spa and hair products?

Stay Beautiful

Dance it Off with Clean Hair

woman-776417_1280I found the video below because I was looking for a washing hair with soap article and decided to watch the video about it instead.

My mother told me when she was growing up they washed their hair with soap. Her hair was long and thick and looked great in all the pictures I saw of her so I thought maybe after I finish off the shampoo I have (or sooner) I might consider it. I am sure the way it was done in this video is not how they did it but I would love to try it and add my own essential oils to the mix and maybe some of the last of my jojoba oil too. Maybe…but don’t quote me on that because I might do something different.

My mother also told me they rinsed their hair with vinegar (I think ACV) but no way am I doing that! I HATE the smell of vinegar. I don’t care how much water it’s mixed with I just can’t stand the smell.

Anyway, the video below I simply have to try. I have errands to do today so I didn’t get my workout in yet but I have working out on my mental list for after I get back home. I have to try this. It looks like it’s killer on the legs and could be so much fun too.

If you try the workout have fun with it and let me know if you liked it. Also, feel free to comment about using soap to wash your hair below. Have you tried it? Do you like it? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Stay Beautiful. Stay Healthy.


A Morning to Remember

notebook-791070_1920 (2)I have a list for that. I seem to have a list for everything. So this morning I clicked into the list I saved in Word instead of pulling out the one I printed out. The one on the computer is easier to reach the links.

I pushed myself through the first workout but decided I didn’t want to do any of the others on today’s list. I shut down the computer and decided to jog and then run a bit around my room and then do yoga.

While silently asking myself why I even bother to make a list I started thinking about what else I want to change. I realized I want to change my wardrobe–the entire thing outside of my boots that I like.

This morning was the morning when I realized again that everything changes–not just a workout schedule, a meal, a daily to-do list–but a person can entirely change from one life cycle to the next. If you’re lucky, you become better, nicer, stronger, and more confident in yourself. People change, and that’s not always a bad thing.

If you want to wear that mini skirt–wear it. If you want to wear makeup–wear it. You get one life in this world so don’t throw it away on somebody else’s vision of perfection.

Stay Fashionable. Stay Healthy.



Kicking Off the Week Right; Food, Water and a Recipe

Usually my breakfast is a Green Smoothie but since my mom says she can hear everything I do in the kitchen I won’t make them before she wakes up. She sleeps much later than I do and while I am not hungry in the morning after doing a workout and all morning duties I figure I should eat something. Today I had fruit and nuts. I like fruit a lot and I like nuts so it worked.


I also had my homemade ginger-lemon and cinnamon water. This helps with digestion and I have heard people say it helps with reducing bloating and that it helps with weight loss. The only thing I can say is that when I just did lemon and water I sometimes noticed less bloating later in the morning, but when I added this mix of natural ingredients I did notice that I did not have bloating and if I had any it was very little compared to what it was before. This mix is newer for me to drink so I will see how long that lasts.

The recipe for the water is below: Recipe? I know; right ;).

cook-book-lette-size-front-coverDespite having to measure to do my cookbook, Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking, I do not measure so some of this will be a to-taste thing.

Needed for the Ginger-Lemon Cinnamon Water

4 lemons (small to medium size…whichever you have will work) ~ If you are using a smaller container using 2-3 will make sure that the lemon flavor is not too strong if you do not like it that way.

1 small section of the gingerroot (small is relative so I would say at least about 3.5-4 inches cut off)

1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon (Now with this I just put the cinnamon in without measuring so I could have used more but 1 T is a good start)

Obviously you will need water. I used filtered water.


  1. Boil water (at least 1 cup)
  2. Peal the gingerroot. Grate it ~ you can do it the old fashioned using a grater way or you can use one of the electronic machines like a blender or food processor or whatever you usually use. Leave the grated gingerroot in a glass bowl (or whatever heat stable dish you have that you can cover.
  3. Roll lemons to soften and then squeeze them into a glass / measuring cup…whatever will be easy for you to lift, hold, and use while holding a strainer…or just to get it out of your way for now. (Leave ½ of one lemon to cut into slices to add to the water.
  4. Once the water is done heating add about a cup of hot water into your bowl that has the gingerroot; add in the cinnamon, stir and then cover with the top of the bowl or plastic wrap for twenty minutes.
  5. After 20 minutes strain the gingerroot into your container where you will be holding the water, then strain in the lemon juice to keep out seeds and pulp (unless you like the pulp then just be sure to get the seeds out).
  6. Add cold drinking water (filtered is good but if you buy gallon containers of spring water that will be fine too.) Add as much water as you want (that your container will hold) and let it sit overnight. You can sit this in the refrigerator or you can leave it on the counter. My glass container is heavy so I left it on the island with the top on.
  7. In the morning you can drink a glass before eating or drinking anything else. If you left the container on the counter you can add ice to take it from room temperature up to cold status.

IMG_9756This doesn’t last long in our house (evident by the near empty container there) because we both drink it and because I drink more than one glass a day since it is so delicious. Oh, and this is great to add to your water bottle to take with you to school, out to work, for your workout and wherever else you are going.

Enjoy and as always…

Stay Healthy

Why Do People Change? Beauty, yoga and a not so midlife crisis.

Once upon a time I remember loving to decorate my nails, wear dresses, sometimes makeup (for like all of two seconds on the makeup thing) and overall just do all that beauty stuff. Yeah…not so much anymore.

I don’t know what happened to me but I am perfectly happy in tights and a sweater at home, sometimes a summer dress, but nothing like what I used to do.

So far this morning I have done a lot of yoga. I love working out and even though most of yesterday’s workout (the last half) was an accident–I got lost and walked over the same massive bridge twice so that was a total of four times on what was only supposed to be none and then only once…yeah, no comment on that…) I still worked out this morning.

As I decided on jeans and a top I haven’t worn in far too many years I looked at all the hair bonnets on my head right now. I washed my hair two days ago now and it has been under this bonnet since then. Oh, yes, even while walking I just put a really nice paperboy style hat over it. I’m not that into hat styles but I know the style of this hat because this man told me while he sized me up (breasts, shoes, pants) while promising to give me a baby who looked like his son (his son really wasn’t that much younger than me by the way but he didn’t know that because he thought I was younger than his son). Um…I might talk about that one day. Let’s just say be super careful who you hire to do work you cannot do for yourself.

At any rate, I need to do something with my hair today. No, I don’t really need to as I am not planning to go anywhere so I could keep this stuff covering my hair all day, but I don’t know…maybe I’ll take it down.

I find it interesting that my mom talks about her younger days and how she put on makeup and did her hair even if she was just cleaning the house that day or just watching over the kids. I wasn’t born yet by the way…I came later. Now, when I look at her, she doesn’t really do anything for herself unless she’s running an errand or going to a meeting. She’s not that same woman who cleaned like crazy, and she’s just different. She still has great style for her, but she’s different.

I see me differently too. I still clean, and I do still change my clothes in the morning before and after workout plus shower but I am not the me that I was when I was younger…on any level.

I kind of miss the me that was me–not all of her, but some of her. Sadly, I cannot get her back. She’s gone and all that’s left is the me that is me now.

Why do people change as we get older? Is it that the rose colored glasses of life have shattered and we just don’t care anymore? Or are we just tired of caring about not so important things?

Since I’m talking hair this is a video I found this morning. Have fun.

Stay Beautiful

Makeup At The Gym

I took a lot of surveys and I ended up getting subscriptions to magazines. I set health nutrition ones geared toward my mom’s needs. I picked the fitness ones because 1. the ones I would have gotten weren’t there or 2. the ones for travel took a lot more survey taking and I just didn’t have time for that.

One of the magazines that just came to me is Shape. I’m just going through it when I should probably be doing something else but when I came to the section on Beauty Myths Busted the one that stood out to me is the one that had ‘you can’t wear makeup at the gym.’ I like how they responded with the fact that those words are a myth.

The author pointed out the fact that “working out is all about feeling healthy and beautiful in your own skin…” She also says that “wearing a bit of makeup during your sweat session makes perfect sense…” (I cannot find a name associated with this section so I cannot give the author’s name for the quote.)

So, ladies, if you want to wear makeup don’t let anybody make you feel guilty for doing it.

I don’t particularly like wearing makeup but I do know the one time I took on a gym membership to curb my two hour drive home from work that if I wore makeup to work I wasn’t going to try to wash it off before getting started with my workout. Since I rarely wore makeup I probably didn’t do workout sessions with makeup on, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have if I had worn any in the first place.

Look beautiful. Have fun. And as always…

Stay Healthy

Product Warning

Okay Guys this is just a warning…I mentioned flat irons that I found and that worked so well on my hair (I have removed that mention from my last post).

While I am not paid to mention things that work for me I mention them anyway. This product I mentioned in the last post I cannot suggest. I have had it for 19 days and while trying to use it this morning it would not even heat up. It only could be exchanged for free for 14 days and after that you have to pay a fee for an exchange (no refund…just a note, always be sure to read the fine print). While I did get a discount on the product it is still money I could have left in my savings so it is still a waste of money to me on a product that had only been used twice on my mom’s hair and twice on mine since being purchased.

Basically, even if you get the discount at a kiosk think twice before you spend your money because the “Lifetime Warranty” has a major catch to it.

If It Can Be Done…

…I’m sure I’ll be the one to do it.

How anybody can royally mess up an almost finished project in under four hours bewilders me…but I can obviously do it. I did just that this morning. What I could have been finished with by tomorrow afternoon I now have to start at least three days of work back over again. Oh, and did I mention that I am not sure yet if I fixed enough to move on without interruption? Yeah, I decided to step away for the day because I seriously need the hiatus from this project before I find myself having to start over from the beginning.

I did finally get one thing yesterday, however, and that would be the lipsticks I ordered. I know…no more makeup! But, in my defense, I have wanted these Missy Lynn lipsticks for a while now.

I tried Slay and L’Amour. Now the I’m lazy today way of trying them on was to put Slay on my bottom lip and L’Amour on my top lip. But I tend to blend and mate my lips as I smooth the lipstick color the way I want it so that resulted in me making up Slay-L’Amour…which really did not give me a true feel for what they would look like separate. I had a glimpse, but I like the blend so I could go either way I guess.



The lipsticks mentioned here along with the other colors in the line can be found here: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/missy-lynn-color-lock-lipsticks

Stay Beautiful


Dress the Mood

There are things I already know, but conveniently ignore, and one of those things is dressing the mood.

By dressing the mood I mean waking up and doing the usual things that are always done but going a step beyond that and instead of putting on clothes I wouldn’t step out the house in even if I was going out to bring the trash can back to the garage (i.e. shorts), putting on clothes that I wouldn’t mind making that unplanned run to the store in.

When I go out I am dressed the part, and while I don’t see anything spectacular about the everyday outfit I always draw attention and compliments. I attribute this not only to looking different than the others around me, but also to the fact that I feel put together in style, even if I am not wearing makeup. That confidence, that sense of feeling free in my environment, brings an air of happiness and peace that radiates out. I am, in essence, dressing my mood.

Life has so many depressing things in it, and sometimes you may find yourself surrounded by people who prefer to see the negative of the world instead of just looking outward and finding something positive. But, even if you land around a bunch of negatives you can always dress your mood by looking your best which will help you feel your best and add the perfect sway to your steps to bring out the sun. If you believe it, they believe it.

Stay Beautifully Fashionable.

Friday Facial

I know this is the Beauty, Health and Fashion blog but I talk more health than any of the other topics. So today I am going to hit the other side of the blog by talking beauty.

What is in my beauty bag for today?

This Facial



The  first time I tried a facial like this I did not like the mask because it’s awkward to get on. I still don’t like the awkward structure of it, but I did like the feel of my face while it was on.The moisture is cool and comforting all at the same time.

This particular mask I got while looking for my sensitive skin facial exfoliating pad. Um…did I mention I tend to buy things just because they’re on sale sometimes? I seriously need to stop doing that.

At any rate, I got three different ones to try. This one is supposed to brighten the skin. The packaging mentions helping fade dark spots, even skin tone, etc. I just wanted to try it out and I will admit after using it and pulling the mask off my skin did feel refreshed. I massaged in the excess product as directed and I did think my face looked more refreshed. I base the look in comparison to my neck and ears since this mask is shaped for the face and does not go everywhere.

I did rub some of the product on my neck too. If I bought another one of these facial masks I would definitely put this one on my list. The other two I haven’t tried yet, but I will let you know whenever I do how they compare. If you have already tried them or are going to try them let me know how they work for you.

Stay Beautiful