Love in the Clouds

There are times when I can see the clouds from my window and I just see one that I have to go out and photograph. Of course one always leads to more than one but there is something relaxing about looking up at the peace in the clouds and watching which way they are moving.

Today isn’t a stormy day for us…yet…so most of the clouds had a hint of serenity. No matter your location if you can see the clouds you might just see something that captivates you no matter how boring, or hectic, the the day is.


Stay Healthy

Knitted Fate and Workouts

I did get a chance to work up the swatch for the project I want to do. Unfortunately I cannot start it right now because I knit tightly so I need to go a needle size up and the needle I need has one massive project still sitting on it. I am going to have to finish that project first. It’s fate you know. Well, really it’s just the size of the needle.

One good thing is I do have a good idea how I want to work the pattern so I will be ready for it when I can get started.

Other than the big knitting project I do have some appointments that need to be handled and some stories that need to be written. So what should come before I do those things? Yoga :).

Stay Healthy


Waking Up Thinking

For the second morning in  a row I have awakened with thoughts of the knitted project I am planning to try to design on my mind. Every time I think I am going to make myself something I end up either gifting it to somebody else of putting in the Etsy Store. Well, I went back to my idea of a project I have wanted to do for a while but since I had gone ahead with another project I didn’t do much more than think about the design idea. I’ve decided to change that. I am going to start doing the swatch for my idea to see how it works out before jumping in and knitting it full on.

I have the yarn. I have the idea in mind I just need to start writing it out. I’m going to do it. At least I say that now. Today is still young yet and there is much to still be done. But if I can get this started and finished then it can be my gift from me to me.

If I get this started and done I will probably share the finished piece here and maybe give the other details on my other knitting and sewing focused blog. I’ll let you know.

Happy Wednesday you all.


It’s a Sign

Do I believe in signs? Maybe a little. Although mostly I am not talking supernatural signs here. I’m talking red flags of the “you’re changing and do you want to” type.

I noticed lately that my mother is always fixing my clothes. Seriously, she comes up and fixes a collar on my sweater so often that the other week I told her “you’re always fixing my clothes.” She said that it’s because I don’t do it. “You used to check yourself in the mirror before you left but you don’t do it anymore,” she had said. That’s partially true. I checked myself before I grabbed my sweater off the chair in the dining room and I didn’t go back to my room to look since I was near running out the door to take her somewhere.

She is right though; I did used to dart back to the room to make sure collars were out before I left the house. A great looking dress can be seriously mangled by collars on sweaters or jackets turned under when they should be out.

Is it a sign? Yes. It’s a sign that I need to get my head on straight and check my collar before I leave the house.

Stay Fashionable


Dress the Mood

There are things I already know, but conveniently ignore, and one of those things is dressing the mood.

By dressing the mood I mean waking up and doing the usual things that are always done but going a step beyond that and instead of putting on clothes I wouldn’t step out the house in even if I was going out to bring the trash can back to the garage (i.e. shorts), putting on clothes that I wouldn’t mind making that unplanned run to the store in.

When I go out I am dressed the part, and while I don’t see anything spectacular about the everyday outfit I always draw attention and compliments. I attribute this not only to looking different than the others around me, but also to the fact that I feel put together in style, even if I am not wearing makeup. That confidence, that sense of feeling free in my environment, brings an air of happiness and peace that radiates out. I am, in essence, dressing my mood.

Life has so many depressing things in it, and sometimes you may find yourself surrounded by people who prefer to see the negative of the world instead of just looking outward and finding something positive. But, even if you land around a bunch of negatives you can always dress your mood by looking your best which will help you feel your best and add the perfect sway to your steps to bring out the sun. If you believe it, they believe it.

Stay Beautifully Fashionable.

Fashion Friday

Hey there and happy July. The year is moving along as strange as always, but there is something good about knowing another day has led us into yet another month and the world is still here willing to house us all.

Anyway, today is going to be a Fashion Friday. I was thinking of a Facial Friday but my mother has done so much work for the store and I want to showcase some of it. I also added a couple new summer knit sweaters too.

For Men

(I know…ladies first but I have more products for men this time.)

My favorite is the red tie set…I love certain shades of red so that one being my absolute fave isn’t really a surprise, but I do like them all. They are available with other products for men in the Fashionably Capri Etsy Store.

For Women

Two new products for women are up in the store. The pastel knit summer sweater that can also be used as a cover up is available in M-L size. The red and orange knit summer sweater-cover up is also available in M-L but has a matching petite child size that comes in this Mother-Daughter combo. The children’s size is for small children.

All products, plus others, can be found in the Fashionably Capri Etsy Store.

Changes on Board

First and foremost, for those of you who celebrate Father’s Day, it’s tomorrow (19th) so don’t forget. I know life gets chaotic sometimes so forgetting of holidays could be easy. And if you don’t celebrate holidays (like me) you can still call your father to say hello,

cocktail-518712_1920The day after that is the first day of summer in some portions of the world. I’m trying to think of what my least favorite season is but I cannot really pick one. I suppose during the season every season could turn into my least favorite if I thought about all the things I hated about the season.

Enjoy your summer–vacations, longer summer day hours, festivals, reading new books, and whatever else brings you joy during the summer.

My mom pressed my hair for me yesterday. The great thing is that she said she will do it for me after every wash if I want. I do want. I have been trying to get used to this curly thing but curly just isn’t me. On the other end of that, I got kind of use to seeing the thickness of my hair so pressed out it lays flatter and I’m not so sure what I think of that right now, but I do love that I can play with the styles I used to do while relaxed so I’m going to take her up on her offer. Plus, I have new flat irons I should try out sometime in the next couple weeks or so. I know they work and they are far better than any of the ones I bought before (temp control and all,) but I have not used them on my hair yet.


Flat irons I can use (straightening combs…not so much.) My mom is good with the combs though.

I finished a knitted summer sweater that can be used as a cover up (even on beaches) and I will have information up on that soon.

New season and new changes on board feels rather invigorating.

Have a great weekend you all.

Does The Cover Define You? ~ Part 1

I am big on not judging a book by its cover. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will be. So when people put a huge emphasis on “must dress this way or wear makeup every day” I tend to shake my head and brush it off.

Makeup breaks me out so I am more of a special occasion, or photographic event type of makeup wearer. I like to buy the pretty stuff but I don’t wear it. Waste of money? Probably, but I get requests to help do makeup even when I don’t wear it often. I do know how to do it :).

So I started thinking about this people judging people based on their outer appearance thing. It’s not new really. People always judge by looks, be that skin color, hair styles or weight. But The outfit?—Does it really make a difference in how a person is treated?


I notice when I’m dressed to the nines in a dress I have designed, even without makeup on, I get better treatment at the grocery store and even the home improvement sores. Even if I’m just wearing a store bought summer maxi there is no shortage of, “do you need help,” and “you look nice,” type of comments from employees. Heck, I went to the market once and had to try to climb the shelves to get something off the top. Some guy, who didn’t even know me and was pushing his own cart, decided to stop and help me without my asking. I know how to climb the shelves as I have to do it often given my height. What I find interesting is the unsolicited help I get if I’m climbing it if I went into the store before going for a workout vs. if I’m wearing a dress.

blog photoWhen I’m dressed to the nines I get more help, the employees seem to flock over to help me. My mother gets this too. I told her that I think they think we’re somebody there to monitor the store and report back to somebody important or something because if I just go in with jeans, tennis shoes and the overall “on my way for a workout” look, I do not get this kind of attention.

blog photo 2I find it interesting how people judge based on looks. I could be glammed out better than a Hollywood starlight and still be the biggest witch west of the Mississippi. Clothes don’t make a person, yet if you look a certain way you are more likely to get people falling at your feet to help you.

And Then There Was This Cop

When I was younger I think I concentrated more than I do now. Not that I didn’t daydream and follow the rabbit down the path, but I focused more…I think.

There I was, studying my Irish lessons like I usually do in the morning when my mind wandered off on its own. Yes, I am blaming my mind because clearly it was not my fault ;). Really, I see why new stories come to me multiple times during a single day–I get ideas even when I should be focusing on something else. This morning, there was this cop.


I’m trying to take a timed practice session and this cop (cute as he may be) just would not leave my mind. No he is not real. Well, he may be kind of related to a real cop, but I’m not sure on that because I vaguely remember the real cop, but still…timed practice sessions while my mind decides to follow the rabbit and fall down the hole is not a good thing. It’s a miracle I actually didn’t hear the clock ticking alerting me to the lapse of time. I need to get my mind in line before I have to take the final for school and the state test otherwise I am going to be in trouble.

Anyway…here is a look at the scarf/shawl I knitted for my mother. This one is mostly pattern with some small personal changes on my part.



My Kindle needed a new cover too since the one I bought at the store is peeling apart–yes, peeling all over the place. Enough was enough. I do miss that one though.


Stay Fashionably Beautiful :).  IMG_7807

Fashionably Thursday ~ Men’s Accessories

It has been a long time since I talked fashion on any of my blogs. I am more health and fitness inspired so I tend to gravitate toward those topics more than fashion and beauty. However, today is Thursday and I am going to showcase products a member of the Fashionably Capri Etsy store made.

The items I’m featuring today are the ties pocket squares. The fashionably chic men’s accessories are fresh, unique and an entire outfit can be built around them, or you can add them to your favorite suit.

Lace, brocade, printed patterned ties, and other fabrics are in the storefront and if you are looking for a complete set of tie plus pocket square you can find them right there in the shop.

Women’s accessories and even stuffed toys are also in the store so come by, shop and buy.

Stay Fashionable