Times They Are a’Changin’

No…literally–in all aspects. If you live in an area where times change today is that day to move the clocks up an hour. If you live in an area where they don’t follow this highly stupid changing of the times (I used to live there and miss it) then just roll over and go back to sleep. Better yet, wake up and workout. You knew I couldn’t resist that.

Since we’re talking working out–we are now anyway–let’s talk seasonal changes. Spring is just a little over a week away. Next week while they swear it will be Spring I still stand by the fact that nature will make up its own mind when it wishes to be Spring. Once it does decide to stop snowing, raining buckets of ice cold water or, depending on where you are, being far too hot to be outside at certain points of the day, a seasonal change can leave room for a change in your workout. Do you have any new workouts you want to try out? Are you ready to go back to an old workout that felt rewarding emotionally and physically?

The season is soon to change so why not spice up your workout too? Have fun, and as always…

Stay Healthy


Breathing While Stitching

I have said I’m not good at this meditation thing and I really am not. I have a tendency for my mind to wander off to things that need to be done, should be written, should be cooked. It’s hard to sit still and meditate. Even if I set the timer I find myself thinking, “is it almost over yet?”

All that being said, I found this video while working on some knitting research. It might be good for you if ou want to try to at least attempt to meditate.

Meditation Video

Stay Healthy

Life Shifts

Life is one of those things. Unstable. Undetermined. Uncontrollable. Life just happens to all of us and no matter how hard you work to change or fix something it doesn’t mean if will be changed or fixed.

So what do you do when you’re in that area of your life when everything seems the same and none of it seams right?

For me I think I haven’t found the perfect solution to that question. I love to workout. I always feel better after I do it. No matter how hard in cardio I push myself I feel amazing and happy. It’s like I accomplished something new when all I really did was do something old.

I won’t say that working out is my crutch in and of itself, but I think because I find when I’m down, or stressed, my first thought is to change clothes and hit the workout hard kind of means I do lean on working out for both physical and emotional health. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I love to workout but should I also use it as my therapist? Should I really let myself run to yet another workout in a day that can total up to five just because I need to take my mind off things? Should I use it to avoid my pain or should I force myself to deal with what has me running?

As a woman who was once a psych major I know the logical answer to those questions. Avoidance does not make the problem go away. When the adrenaline calms you’ll circle right back around to the same problem that sent you running in the first place.

Good, bad, something in between–life shifts are inevitable. Enjoy the good, learn from the bad and keep going in the in between. You never know, the next shift might just be amazingly epic.

Stay Healthy


Monday Morning Kickoff

While dinner, beans and rice, is still cooking in the crock pot I got my water goals for today started and went straight to the yoga workout I planned to do today. Sometimes I find myself not doing the ones I planned to do and picking something else instead but it was my goal to check the planned workouts off my list.

  1. Cardio Part 1
  2. Cardio Part 2
  3. Cool Down

The day is still young and I have much work to do today but I know I will do another workout later today even if it’s just a light one.

I hope you all have a great week.

Stay Healthy


Yoga in the Morning

I like yoga at any point of the day but I am more likely to do it in the early morning to get me stretched out and my day started. Most days it helps me to knock out the daily worries because I really have to focus on the move that I’m doing so I can be sure to stay balanced.

If you’re interested in using yoga for your workout I recommend Tara Stiles. I found her videos on YouTube and her videos stuck with me the most. She also has a lot of different videos focusing on different parts of the body and in different lengths so you can pick whichever one fits you at that moment. From beginner and intermediate to advanced…it’s all there.

I Did It My Way Yoga 2I like this one for Weight Loss because it really does work the entire body. I don’t know if you’ll lose weight so I am not making that claim, but I like this one as a starter for some of my mornings and I follow it up with things like lean legs and slim waist.

Have fun finding the workouts You like to do. What works for one person will not always fit another.

Come find me on one of my other blogs for photography and fictional art ~ Picture Perfect Photographer

Stay Healthy


Hamstring Tightness

I was going to post early morning like I usually do but I spent time posting my last day out photos on my photography blog Picture Perfect Photographer.  It’s okay since I hadn’t gotten to my own workout yet anyway. After posting on that blog I had to get my workout in. I did yoga cardio part 2, lean legs, slim waist and love handles with the Tara Stiles yoga videos online.  I did a thirty minute walk around my room after that and then, once the sun came up, went for a two and a half mile photographic walk down the trail with my mom. I say photographic walk because there was definitely more stopping to shoot than I would do on just a general exercise outing. I had fun, still got a good walk in and returned home wondering why it is getting harder for me to really walk. Was it my time jogging last year or was it my extensive yoga workouts? I don’t think it was yoga as I have done it for years so I think maybe the jogging, no  matter how much fun I had doing it. But maybe none of that.

I definitely know I have tight hamstrings and I have to warm them up and stretch them out after that if I want to get the deep stretch that I do after a workout. I could probably blame the leg issue on anything but if I had to pick a problem, jogging is the only thing I added to my life last year and I think, maybe, just maybe, the PT I used to work for might be right that jogging is not good for your body. I lost weight though :). But I am cutting out jogging even though that’s hard for me since I really liked doing that at home.

Anyway, if you have tight hamstrings there are yoga videos that can help you stretch them out. I like the Tara Stiles 4 Moves for Hamstring Harmony video. It’s just over 4 minutes but you will have to do it again to do the other side so factor in about 9-10 minutes for this one.

Have fun and as always…Stay Healthy


I Don’t Stop for Winter

I know it’s cold, freezing actually, but winter weather does not mean you have to neglect your body and your health. Working out at home can be just as good as hitting the ground outside and walking. Depending on how spacious your room is you might be able to walk farther before turning around but if not you could try walking around the whole house or apartment. Sure, you’ll have to navigate around furniture but it’s still possible to do.

Yoga is good, too, for indoor workouts; cardio workout videos can be found on YouTube. Or, you can suit up, so to speak, and hit the ground outside for your workout. I have read that the colder temperatures actually help you burn more calories and lose weight. I think you’re probably burning calories because of all that shivering because of the ice cold temps outside, but once you get going your body will adjust.

No matter where you workout just don’t let a seasonal change become an excuse for abandoning working out.

Stay Healthy



Is it Cold or Freezing Cold

For me it’s a mix of both but I love it. I miss the snow so freezing cold works for me even if there isn’t any snow outside. The thing about the seasonal change is how it messes with my daily routine.

In the warmer months I litterally wake up working out. All it takes is brushed teeth before I start jogging and toning for a desired length of time. In the colder winter, even with the heater going I tend to set the space heater on and hoover under the cover until the room is warm enough for me to get out of bed. Even if I’m awake I hide under the covers. But with the hours in the day lengthening and the knowledge that soon will come Spring 😉 I am trying to change back to my just hop out of bed ready to go routine.

I moved my woriout to walking only trying to see if jogging had a negative impact on my leg. I worked for a PT who said it was bad for your body to run and jog while I have read other doctors and fitness experts (at least they say they are) list jogging and running as being good for strengthening your bones. Who is right and who is wrong? I do not know but taking it back down to walking only is seriously boring for me. I have a feeling I’ll edge back up soon.

I also read about doing a little extra every day toward your goals be they fitness or something else because a little extra each day will get you results That makes sense because you cannot get what you want if you sit around moaning about not having it yet never working toward it. That doesn’t mean that a magical move will come over night or that the body you desire will just pop up, but it does mean if you keep working at it you are likely to meet your goal sooner than you would if you never worked on it.

How is your month going for you? Are you working toward your goals?

Stay Healthy




Just when I think I have added something to my wish list that I might actually get around to buying sometime before next December I realized I need something more than something to workout on. I workout all the time at home anyway so while I really want to do the climbing thing I don’t really need to buy the equipment more than I need to buy the other stuff on my wish list. The other stuff is at the top for a reason.

I told my mother that instead of saving for the workout equipment I really need to finally update some more important things that won’t be inexpensive but are crucial for what I do, and plan to keep doing as the years move ahead. You’ll never get there if you keep stopping is what I always say and that also means I’ll never get better if I stop practicing. Priorities.

My mom says I’m already in shape which I know that but I love working out. I don’t workout for other people to like how I look so being in shape doesn’t change my desire to mix up my workouts. The climbing wasn’t about fitness for me anyway. I was thinking of going to the climbing gym once to get out of  the house, see a new city and get over a fear I have had for a long time.

So at the end of the day…Priorities…we should all have them and sometimes we should actually listen to them.

Stay Healthy


A New Year The Same Passions

The change in my life of an age up did not change my passion for fitness and nutrition; it’s not my greatest passion as music owns that spot, but it is still something I wake up to every morning and have in my life every second of every day. So what has this new year of my life brought to me?

  • Wake up workout that was high in cardio, ab toning and stretching.
  • A new wish: I so want a Versa Climber

Okay, I don’t have any workout equipment but this one I want simply because I want to go climbing but the bouldering gym is so far away I won’t be able to get there…probably like ever but definitely not this year.

From checking into this climber I find it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. I’ll save up for it so that comes down to adding it to my growing wish list.

I have read that the workout is hard and you’re lucky if you even get through three minutes doing it but I am a fan of scaling up so I say start low scale up.

Stay Healthy