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This page will showcase some of my recipes–some recent and some old. For more recipes for sweet treats, breads, lunches, dinners and so much more please buy my Vegetarian’s Guide to Baking cookbook. This book is for more than just vegetarians but does Not include any animal products and recipes are designed with health benefits in mind while still making each product delicious.

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Banana Walnut Cream RecipeRecipe 1

Banana Walnut Cream





Recipe 2

Creamy Banana Ice Cream

This is like the last recipe but different. I do not have a picture as I was too busy eating it to run for the camera and the perfect lighting setup.

2-3 ripe, frozen bananas

1 T vanilla extract


Combine frozen bananas and vanilla in food processor and process until well combined and creamy. Serve and Enjoy.

*cut bananas into smaller sizes before freezing to make the processor run smoother.