Life and Style

Life is such a broad single word. What is life? When we say life are we talking about the day to day activities, the spiritual realm, the social area? Who knows. It’s such a wide open word that anybody can associate anything they want with it.

This page is a little more focused and will be the parent page to other pages that fall under the I Did It My Way life and style ideas. You’ll find Health including emotional health, fitness and food. Beauty, including hair and makeup. Fashion, which I plan to share some of my works in progress…or finished works that were in progress. I’ll even add in travel which could fall under health–well, if I start traveling again.

If you have something you would like to see covered let me know and I’ll try.


Health and Fitness

From workouts to food, staycations to vacations, green smoothies and more, this page is your gateway to health and fitness.

Beauty in Color

Beauty comes in a multitude of colors, shapes and styles. The Beauty in Color page will focus on things like hair, makeup and skincare.

Introverted Fashionista

The Introverted Fashionista loves style, books, music and more. Stay up to date with this page to see what’s new, what’s old and what’s on the way.