Crochet Your Hair

I often find videos while looking at other videos and I found this one:

It is actually about crocheting and styling. When this woman stops talking about how much she LOVES the hair she does get around to showing how she installs it in her hair. It starts about nearly 4 minutes in. If you’re not good at braiding you can still try this one as her hair is twisted before doing the crochet.

The one thing that worries me with this version of it is the take down. I’m nutty like that…I worry about the post duties and if I could damage my hair trying to get all that hair out. Seriously, I do not have patience to even finger detangle my own hair and when I look at all the hair that has gone into this one look I could envision getting frustrated because something is stuck in my hair and I cannot get it out. My mom has the patience for takedown without ripping out hair but I was not blessed with such a gift. I seriously need her to take down the twists she do with my own hair sometimes.

This style here: would be hard for me because while I could French and Dutch braid with my relaxer I cannot do it with my natural hair. My mother has never been able to French braid so I cannot even go to her to get braids needed for this crochet hair video.

If any of you enjoy these styles and want to try them out for yourself then I hope you will find these two videos helpful or at least something to get you on your way to what you are looking to do.

Stay Beautiful