Health and Fitness

Welcome to the Health and Fitness page. Health and fitness are diverse topics and on this page I will be focusing on many topics in health including physical, emotional and mental health. The blog has several posts already on this but this dedicated page will dive in a little deeper to bring you more.

From workouts to food, staycations to vacations, green smoothies and more, this page is your gateway along with the blog. Come by, stay a while and leave comments to let me know if you would like to see something featured because I just might be able to add it here.


Linked to Fitness

This page is all about an easy way to connect with different fitness and health places online. I will update this page as I find/add more to the list. Music Getting music that help you push through a workout is a good thing. I tend to gravitate toward epic music for cardio, and a bit … Continue reading Linked to Fitness

Calculate your BMI

The following links provide ways to calculate your BMI. You can read my take on these sites below. Stay tuned to I Did It My Way here on WordPress because I am going to be providing more information on food, exercise and healthy body image.

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