Calculate your BMI

The following links provide ways to calculate your BMI. You can read my take on these sites below. Stay tuned to I Did It My Way here on WordPress because I am going to be providing more information on food, exercise and healthy body image.


Web MD:

I like that on Web MD it does mention that the BMI number isn’t a full look at a person’s health. This is very true and I have heard the same example for many years now that a person who is a weight lifter will have a BMI that puts them at being overweight. The number calculations only take into account height and weight, not height, weight and muscles versus fat. So while it is a good number to know, it is a starting point that you can use to figure out the state of your health and where you might need to make changes to do better. See the blogs here on my site for more information on health, nutrition and  fitness.