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Things Worth Knowing

I already knew this because years ago doing basic research I found out that a tomato is technically a fruit, not a vegetable. Today while doing other research that led me to finding out once again that a watermelon is a vegetable not a fruit (at least some of the college scientists say)  I decided just to play around for fun. When I found this site I thought I would share for those of you interested in the fruit and vegetable boxes.

Tomato as a Fruit

Another site that looks at it from a botanist and culinary take on what makes it a fruit can be found here.

So if it really comes to how the fruit is produced what makes a watermelon a vegetable?

Well now I guess it depends on which “experts” you look at but I can see why it kind of falls into fruit from the botanist standards of the “having seeds” part and the vegetable standard from the fact that many science articles state that a vegetable is part of the plant that is eaten but not part of the reproduction. Even in this article: Watermelon: Fruit or Vegetable the writer mentions that a botanist would label it a fruit but…there is always a but…

One question asked was this:

“…in some Asian cultures, watermelon rinds are pickled with savory spices and the flesh is used in stir-fries, where it resembles a vegetable. So, is watermelon a fruit in one culture and a vegetable in another?”

Another article that looks at how it is a fruit and a vegetable is here.

So I guess it depends on how you grow it and eat it, but technically it’s a fruit on some level and a vegetable (I guess) on another since it can also be eaten as a vegetable.

Humans–We sure have a way of complicating things. We should probably stop trying to put everything in boxes and just eat it however we want it.

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New Release ~ 24 Weeks of Health

New health journal to help document your health journey. Check it out.

Capri Montgomery

It’s officially on Create Space and Lulu. Lulu has the spiral binding for the book. It is on Amazon now too. (updated since yesterday for Amazon addition.

health journal cover to use

24 Weeks of Health

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Yummy and Cold

This is a very simple to make treat. I like using the sorbet recipe that my mom created sometimes but this one is more cream than sorbet and since it was my first time trying to come up with this one in a way we could both enjoy and benefit from I’m glad it turned out right. There aren’t any added sugars but it is still tasteful and the level of sweetness will depend on how ripe the bananas are. The more brown spots the sweeter it is.

The recipe and instructions are below.

Stay Healthy

Banana Walnut Cream Recipe

One Last Month

Time really seems to fly when one is busy living life. Can you believe we’re almost to the half year point? This is the last month of the first half. Soon summer storm seasons will approach, heat waves and humidity will torture natural hair and sunscreen will rise from the cold, dark, indoor winters for the outdoor festivals, games and beach vacation days. Yeah, soon we will be going into the last six months of 2017; how has your first five months been going so far? Have you met those health and fitness goals you swore to master on New Years day? Are you finding things that make you happy? I hope things are going well for all of you.

girl-163537_1280Personally, I’m loving my workouts. Jogging around my room feels good in the mornings and the toning and stretching exercises feel good too. I’m happy with the first half of the year so far and hoping by the end of the second half my body fat will be reduced in greater amounts (yeah…the abs still).

But as we all know life is not just about working out so I have other goals for this month and I hope I get off my butt and make them all happen.

  1. Sketch out the dress I want to create and sew. I have the pattern paper I can start if only I pull it out, clear off the table and get to work on the design. With hopes I will accomplish that this month.
  2. Get the knitted sweater I’m making finished.
  3. Release my new health journal ~ 24 Weeks of Health.
  4. Get my fiction book ~ Collateral Damage uploaded for e-book end of May/1st of June.

I think four things on the list is enough since I know I’ll have to do more things than those every day, but it doesn’t hurt to make a list and hope for the best. What is that quote–“hope for the best; prepare for the worst.”

Have a happy May you all.

Stay Healthy

Just Because It’s Old It Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Work

My mom and I were talking since I asked about the using soap and vinegar thing. She told me they didn’t do the melting thing as they just used the soap. It wasn’t some special concoction of soap as they used what they bathed with. I figured that much but I might try melting and adding some other oils one day.

As for the vinegar she said they used whatever they had. She said that they didn’t think about that stuff. It’s these younger people who feel the need to pick it apart and add new things as the only way of doing it. On this I can agree with her.

First they say don’t comb your hair as it is bad for your hair. My mother combed my hair from childhood onward and my hair grew just fine and stayed healthy.

Then it was the don’t brush your hair because you will give it split ends and it will break off. Years ago it was the brush your hair every night 100 strokes and it will grow thing.

That seems to just be human nature. Somebody comes around and just professes that something that has worked for decades won’t work because they say it won’t. At the end of the day you have to do what will work for you with your hair.

I found this article on the homemade conditioner  All vinegar stinks to me. But if I can come up with some other ideas I might try a natural conditioner.

I just picked up another VO5 conditioner but if I really want to get rid of chemicals it would be best if I stopped with the store-bought products and just make all of my own instead of just some of my own products.

Do you DIY spa and hair products?

Stay Beautiful

Dance it Off with Clean Hair

woman-776417_1280I found the video below because I was looking for a washing hair with soap article and decided to watch the video about it instead.

My mother told me when she was growing up they washed their hair with soap. Her hair was long and thick and looked great in all the pictures I saw of her so I thought maybe after I finish off the shampoo I have (or sooner) I might consider it. I am sure the way it was done in this video is not how they did it but I would love to try it and add my own essential oils to the mix and maybe some of the last of my jojoba oil too. Maybe…but don’t quote me on that because I might do something different.

My mother also told me they rinsed their hair with vinegar (I think ACV) but no way am I doing that! I HATE the smell of vinegar. I don’t care how much water it’s mixed with I just can’t stand the smell.

Anyway, the video below I simply have to try. I have errands to do today so I didn’t get my workout in yet but I have working out on my mental list for after I get back home. I have to try this. It looks like it’s killer on the legs and could be so much fun too.

If you try the workout have fun with it and let me know if you liked it. Also, feel free to comment about using soap to wash your hair below. Have you tried it? Do you like it? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Stay Beautiful. Stay Healthy.


Friday Mix Up

I had told myself I would take at least one day a week away from working out this month…then I made a little space that told me that yoga would be okay or a light walk is fine. Yes, I am trying to take one day off and it’s difficult as that is not my norm, but that didn’t happen this Friday and so far I have changed many of my daily workout schedules set for the month of April and May in the second week since making the schedule in the first place. I know…but I love working out and sometimes I just like to do what I want to do on that day and sometimes it’s not what’s on the list that day. And now I know why it really is pointless for me to make a list–I change them all like all the time.

So how did I just mix up Friday? I did a light jog-run around my room after lunch. I should have waited an hour or so after lunch but I was just in the mood to do something. Even a light lunch needs time to digest though so next time I will just do the suggested leisure walk instead of the jog-run thing. I only did 20 minutes when I could have done 30 had my stomach not been protesting my decision to break my day off plan in the first place.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow since tomorrow is not here yet but I’m feeling the need to get a super early jog in the house done and some yoga too.

I love working out. I know people who hate it and it’s a struggle for them to get up and do something. For me, it’s like “Woohoo! Bring it on.”

Have a fun weekend everybody. As always…

Stay Healthy

A Morning to Remember

notebook-791070_1920 (2)I have a list for that. I seem to have a list for everything. So this morning I clicked into the list I saved in Word instead of pulling out the one I printed out. The one on the computer is easier to reach the links.

I pushed myself through the first workout but decided I didn’t want to do any of the others on today’s list. I shut down the computer and decided to jog and then run a bit around my room and then do yoga.

While silently asking myself why I even bother to make a list I started thinking about what else I want to change. I realized I want to change my wardrobe–the entire thing outside of my boots that I like.

This morning was the morning when I realized again that everything changes–not just a workout schedule, a meal, a daily to-do list–but a person can entirely change from one life cycle to the next. If you’re lucky, you become better, nicer, stronger, and more confident in yourself. People change, and that’s not always a bad thing.

If you want to wear that mini skirt–wear it. If you want to wear makeup–wear it. You get one life in this world so don’t throw it away on somebody else’s vision of perfection.

Stay Fashionable. Stay Healthy.



Warm Up First

yoga-682360_1280 (2) yoga 3Warm ups are different depending on your workout, but it is important to warm up first. I am not always great at this but since I start with yoga most days the yoga helps me warm up before doing jogging or running around my room. They even have warm up yoga videos out there.

I found the video below this morning after my workout. I have not done it yet but I will consider doing it at least once through later this week if my lineup for the month’s workout fits it in.

You do not have to be a dancer for this. It is okay if you are not as flexible as she is. I think I would probably do this one after I have done a workout even though it says “warm up” simply because some of the stretches I know I would do better if I have already done some working out. Maybe yoga first and then this before running but I don’t know; I’ll have to think about it. Anyway, if you decide to do this one have fun and be patient with yourself.

Stay Healthy

Knowing You Did Something

One of the things I love about doing yoga is that I can see my progress. You can do this with any workout actually, but I am usually more of a wow, I did that, with yoga than  other workouts.

The body is as flexible as it’s going to be until you work it with the moves and stretches you need to in order to increase flexibility.

The great thing about yoga is you can do it no matter how flexible or wobbly you are if you take it slow and keep doing it. Don’t try it and then just stop because it’s hard for you. If you keep going one day you’ll realize the hard parts aren’t so hard anymore.

Stay Healthy