Hamstring Tightness

I was going to post early morning like I usually do but I spent time posting my last day out photos on my photography blog Picture Perfect Photographer.  It’s okay since I hadn’t gotten to my own workout yet anyway. After posting on that blog I had to get my workout in. I did yoga cardio part 2, lean legs, slim waist and love handles with the Tara Stiles yoga videos online.  I did a thirty minute walk around my room after that and then, once the sun came up, went for a two and a half mile photographic walk down the trail with my mom. I say photographic walk because there was definitely more stopping to shoot than I would do on just a general exercise outing. I had fun, still got a good walk in and returned home wondering why it is getting harder for me to really walk. Was it my time jogging last year or was it my extensive yoga workouts? I don’t think it was yoga as I have done it for years so I think maybe the jogging, no  matter how much fun I had doing it. But maybe none of that.

I definitely know I have tight hamstrings and I have to warm them up and stretch them out after that if I want to get the deep stretch that I do after a workout. I could probably blame the leg issue on anything but if I had to pick a problem, jogging is the only thing I added to my life last year and I think, maybe, just maybe, the PT I used to work for might be right that jogging is not good for your body. I lost weight though :). But I am cutting out jogging even though that’s hard for me since I really liked doing that at home.

Anyway, if you have tight hamstrings there are yoga videos that can help you stretch them out. I like the Tara Stiles 4 Moves for Hamstring Harmony video. It’s just over 4 minutes but you will have to do it again to do the other side so factor in about 9-10 minutes for this one.

Have fun and as always…Stay Healthy


I Don’t Stop for Winter

I know it’s cold, freezing actually, but winter weather does not mean you have to neglect your body and your health. Working out at home can be just as good as hitting the ground outside and walking. Depending on how spacious your room is you might be able to walk farther before turning around but if not you could try walking around the whole house or apartment. Sure, you’ll have to navigate around furniture but it’s still possible to do.

Yoga is good, too, for indoor workouts; cardio workout videos can be found on YouTube. Or, you can suit up, so to speak, and hit the ground outside for your workout. I have read that the colder temperatures actually help you burn more calories and lose weight. I think you’re probably burning calories because of all that shivering because of the ice cold temps outside, but once you get going your body will adjust.

No matter where you workout just don’t let a seasonal change become an excuse for abandoning working out.

Stay Healthy


Is it Cold or Freezing Cold

For me it’s a mix of both but I love it. I miss the snow so freezing cold works for me even if there isn’t any snow outside. The thing about the seasonal change is how it messes with my daily routine.

In the warmer months I litterally wake up working out. All it takes is brushed teeth before I start jogging and toning for a desired length of time. In the colder winter, even with the heater going I tend to set the space heater on and hoover under the cover until the room is warm enough for me to get out of bed. Even if I’m awake I hide under the covers. But with the hours in the day lengthening and the knowledge that soon will come Spring 😉 I am trying to change back to my just hop out of bed ready to go routine.

I moved my woriout to walking only trying to see if jogging had a negative impact on my leg. I worked for a PT who said it was bad for your body to run and jog while I have read other doctors and fitness experts (at least they say they are) list jogging and running as being good for strengthening your bones. Who is right and who is wrong? I do not know but taking it back down to walking only is seriously boring for me. I have a feeling I’ll edge back up soon.

I also read about doing a little extra every day toward your goals be they fitness or something else because a little extra each day will get you results That makes sense because you cannot get what you want if you sit around moaning about not having it yet never working toward it. That doesn’t mean that a magical move will come over night or that the body you desire will just pop up, but it does mean if you keep working at it you are likely to meet your goal sooner than you would if you never worked on it.

How is your month going for you? Are you working toward your goals?

Stay Healthy



Just when I think I have added something to my wish list that I might actually get around to buying sometime before next December I realized I need something more than something to workout on. I workout all the time at home anyway so while I really want to do the climbing thing I don’t really need to buy the equipment more than I need to buy the other stuff on my wish list. The other stuff is at the top for a reason.

I told my mother that instead of saving for the workout equipment I really need to finally update some more important things that won’t be inexpensive but are crucial for what I do, and plan to keep doing as the years move ahead. You’ll never get there if you keep stopping is what I always say and that also means I’ll never get better if I stop practicing. Priorities.

My mom says I’m already in shape which I know that but I love working out. I don’t workout for other people to like how I look so being in shape doesn’t change my desire to mix up my workouts. The climbing wasn’t about fitness for me anyway. I was thinking of going to the climbing gym once to get out of  the house, see a new city and get over a fear I have had for a long time.

So at the end of the day…Priorities…we should all have them and sometimes we should actually listen to them.

Stay Healthy

A New Year The Same Passions

The change in my life of an age up did not change my passion for fitness and nutrition; it’s not my greatest passion as music owns that spot, but it is still something I wake up to every morning and have in my life every second of every day. So what has this new year of my life brought to me?

  • Wake up workout that was high in cardio, ab toning and stretching.
  • A new wish: I so want a Versa Climber

Okay, I don’t have any workout equipment but this one I want simply because I want to go climbing but the bouldering gym is so far away I won’t be able to get there…probably like ever but definitely not this year.

From checking into this climber I find it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. I’ll save up for it so that comes down to adding it to my growing wish list.

I have read that the workout is hard and you’re lucky if you even get through three minutes doing it but I am a fan of scaling up so I say start low scale up.

Stay Healthy

The Math of Water

For those of you trying to increase your water intake for each day what goals are you trying to meet? I personally like the gallon a day goal and would like to one day up it to two gallons a day but I am not holding my breath on that.

So how do you know if you’re getting a gallon a day? Easy. Math. I know, math is everywhere and in everything it would seem but this one is easy. If you cook, bake or do any of those things you already know a little something about measuring.

8 ounces = 1/2 gallon. So if you want to do a gallon you will need to do twice the amount in ounces–16 ounces for 1 gallon. (Thanks to the Betty Crocker cookbook for verifying that bit of math on the 1/2 gallon for me.)

So the next question is how many ounces are in the cup/glass you are using for your water. For me I use a glass that has 1 1/2 cups of water in it. Math again, 1 1/2 cup + 1 1/2 cup = 3 cups. (If you don’t know how much your cup/glass holds use a measuring cup to pour water into the glass and find out.)

So how do you keep up with the cups drank? That’s up to you but there are two ways that I can think of and both will depend on your memory. You can put down a mark on paper for every glass…you’ll need to remember to do this with every glass and then remember to do the math based on the ounces in each glass.


You could  write down the numbers 1-16 on the calendar or paper and scratch them off with each glass of water you pour (you’ll have to drink it before pouring another in the same glass).

If you are using a glass that holds 1.5 cups of water then 1 glass+1 glass will = 3 (1.5+1.5=3… in case you missed the math on the 1.5 cups in 1 glass thing.)

It’s really not complicated and kind of comes down to memory if you are going to try to document how much water you are drinking a day. A simpler method is to use a container that holds 1 gallon of water and finish the entire container before filling it up. This works if you don’t have somebody in the house who will gladly take your container and start drinking out of it.

And of course if you don’t care about your water intake then you don’t need to do any of this…just make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your body, skin, and health on the upward track to good instead of the downward track to dehydrated.

Stay Healthy

The Move of a Lounge

With the chaise lounge sofa moved just a little I was able to do a complete wheel barrel starting from right hand around without hitting the furniture but going left around I had to try to move my head a little to get around without hitting the furniture.  I think I move a bit while trying to start the other rotation.

Still, it was my first time in complete rotation for both sides and I have to say it is hard. It’s really hard. But it is worth trying so I will try it again and see if I can scale up to the suggested max of three rounds. I don’t know when,  but that’s the great thing about working out—you start low, aim high and have a lot of fun challenging yourself along the way.

Are you already good at the move? Are you planning to try it? Have fun. Stay safe. And as always…

Stay Health


Loving It Every Day

Working out is great for keeping in shape, maintaining weight, and even reducing stress. One of the things I love about it is how great I feel when I’m done. There’s this thought of, “I did that,” that comes to my mind when I’m hot, sweaty and feeling a thrill of exhaustion. I don’t have enough room anywhere to do wheelbarrow but I can do what I think of as windshield wiper on my bed and I finally reached doing 18 if I only count in one direction and double that if I count doing it in the opposite direction separate. I even tried wheelbarrow again in the living room but that pesky couch always gets in my way. I did get farther on one side than the other but there is still the couch to deal with and my head simply won’t magically go through the barrier. Oh well, it’s still farther than I got the first time.

I really do love working out. It’s probably more than the fitness, more than the meeting the challenge, more than the physical goals and more than the toning up body; I think part of it is I always feel better after I do it—physically, mentally, emotionally.

Perhaps working out is my therapist. It’s super hard to think about the things going wrong when I’m pushing the workout harder than I did before. It’s like saying no matter what is going on outside of you, sometimes inside of you, you can make this happen. You can scale up and make it even if you can’t save the world.

Yeah; I love working out. Call it my therapist, call it my saving grace, call it whatever you want; I just know I love it.

Whatever your workout routine and goals are, have fun, stay safe and as always…

Stay Healthy

Kitchen Time

I like the homemade bread and now that there is a working bread machine in the house again it’s easier than a lot of the sans machine bread so I can mix it, drop it and let it do what it needs in the machine while I work on something else. But I do still like to do it by hand too.

IMG_0603Make your own croutons with your homemade bread, add it to a salad mixed with rice and veggies for lunch, dinner or whatever meal you want and you have a healthy and delicious dish.

The great thing about getting up and cooking your own food is that you can get it your way all the way anytime you put in a little time on it. Leftovers are good too so if you make too much you have lunch or dinner for tomorrow too. I kind of don’t like leftovers. I always seem to want to do a different meal when I can but when busy there is nothing to stop me from going for the leftovers—well, except if somebody else ate them first.

What’s your favorite meal to make up?

Stay Healthy

Switching It Up

I know I mentioned before that I was getting a little tired of my regular workout and that I wanted to mix some things up. I added a video I used to do but I rarely feel like it’s as good as what I do without videos. While reading Shape magazine (one of the free ones I was able to get for a year) I find workouts sometimes. Some of those workouts could be fun and some wouldn’t work for me. The one I kind of liked is when they mentioned doing martial arts. If you’re throwing punches or doing kicks you are using your abs too so you get a total body workout.

Have you come across any workouts you tried recently? Did you love them enough to try them again?

Stay Healthy