Switching It Up

I know I mentioned before that I was getting a little tired of my regular workout and that I wanted to mix some things up. I added a video I used to do but I rarely feel like it’s as good as what I do without videos. While reading Shape magazine (one of the free ones I was able to get for a year) I find workouts sometimes. Some of those workouts could be fun and some wouldn’t work for me. The one I kind of liked is when they mentioned doing martial arts. If you’re throwing punches or doing kicks you are using your abs too so you get a total body workout.

Have you come across any workouts you tried recently? Did you love them enough to try them again?

Stay Healthy


Truth Be Told…

One of my favorite places for spinach is in green smoothies but I also love it in a naked salad. Naked salad means I’m not using dressing on it. The croutons in this salad are homemade from homemade bread. No animals involved…that’s good for a vegetarian/vegan.


What veggies do you like for your salads or smoothies?

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The Art of Not Being Sued

I often find product warnings funny—like when I saw on a hairdryer that it had ‘Do Not Use while in the shower.’  Who uses a hairdryer while in the shower? Seriously, people can’t possibly not know water and electricity do not mix. But somebody must have done it otherwise why would there be a need to be sure the warning is on all the paperwork that’s included.

So the other day I was looking at the bread machine book. I never used one as my mom used them (sporadically I think) when I was younger. I tend to just do it the old fashioned way. But where there is a bread machine there are recipes to be discovered in the product manual. I was reviewing the manual when I saw the Falling Object Hazard. ‘Breadmaker can wobble and walk during kneading cycle.’ That’s the way of saying it might fall off the counter. But the idea of wobble and walk makes me think of how people say pregnant women close to delivery time wobble when they walk. The bread machine wobbling and walking brings a completely new look at having a bun in the oven – one that doesn’t make me roll my eyes when people call a baby in the womb a bun in the oven.

Have you read any warnings that make you wonder why they even bothered to place them, or think of how creative the writer was when they came up with the warning?

I find companies put the warnings so they can say, “the warning is on the label had you read it,” the moment somebody tries to sue them. Smart company; lucky writer. The writer has a job and the company cannot get taken for every cent they have. Win-Win for them and a win for you if you read the instructions before plugging everything in.

Oh My Gosh It’s Friday…

…Whatever shall I do?

Yes, I am still without Internet at home so I’m going to schedule things when I can so they will at least post.

I was supposed to take today off from working out after five days of doing the Walk Away The Pounds video miles 1-5 with one mile a day and the last two miles done yesterday, but you all probably know me and fitness by now–I just can’t seem to take a day off. I only did 20 minutes of jogging around my room though so that has to kind of count for a little break; right?

I haven’t planned much for the weekend but my spirit now is restless. I just want to get out and do something, go somewhere and sadly, the only place to go here is the library unless you want to spend a day at a fast food stop or something. I don’t want to shop, of which I’d have to go two cities south to even get to a mall, or two north to get to one, and the cities aren’t exactly close so I’d have to ask is it worth the gas. Right now it’s not.

So I have no idea what I’ll do this weekend but I might find my way back to the library and if I do I just might have something fitness inspired (or food) to blog about.

I did post a short fiction piece…very short, on my other blog this morning called Welcome Home. Check it out if you have time. It’s free. It’s totally fiction…I promise :).

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Stay Healthy


New Workout Moves

The joy of signing up for all these free magazines is that sometimes you get something you can actually use. The travel mags make sense because I am studying more of the adventure travel business thing now, and the workout ones make sense because I love to workout. Cosmopolitan really didn’t make sense, but it was free so I took it. This month I found something about The Wheelbarrow Plannk. If you haven’t heard about it then look it up and try it.

I would love to give the details but this isn’t mine and being a writer myself I hate when people steal my work and give people the entire story with the ending included. With this Wheel Barrow move it’s coming up on page 100 of the November 2017 Cosmopolitan. You might be able to find this at your local library just don’t rip the page out because somebody else might want to know too.

They have it listed as flat abs, glorious glutes and strong arms. Have fun and as always…

Stay Healthy

Wrapped in Sweat

When you’re deep into your workout, sweating like what my mom calls a six shooter (whatever that means) do you have to run for water or do you keep your water on your body?

For me, since I get the heaviest of my workout done in my room I have gotten in the habit of leaving water on the footboard of my bed. Of course I cannot take in a glass because with my luck I’ll knock it over and it will shatter on the tile of my floor. Seeing as though I workout barefoot (much like I seem to cook all the time too—avoid the barefoot and in the kitchen thoughts; okay?) if I were unlucky enough to shatter a glass full of water on the floor I would be more likely to end up tracking blood all the way back to the bathroom or kitchen—depending on what I need and where it is. In avoiding glass I like to use my fitness water bottle—it’s not likely to break…but everything breaks so maybe if I knocked it off the footboard it just might but at least there wouldn’t be any glass to worry about.

Of course my water bottle is empty so I’m keeping the water in the glass on the dining room table. It’s close and I can factor in jogging to get it.

Anyway, with a great workout behind me for today I am craving another. Addicted to working out? No, of course not. I just love doing it and I’m out of my mind bored right now. I could write something, knit something or bake something other than the farm bread rising for the first twenty-four of the forty-eight hour rise time in the refrigerator but I kind of don’t want to do that either. I’d rather workout.

Have fun with your weekend and start of a new week. Don’t forget to work up a sweat and burn some calories while you’re at it.

Stay Healthy

Like it or Love it?

This week the workout is coming in hard and fast. I keep telling myself to just spend the week doing dance workouts but jogging around my room feels so good I just can’t seem to stop. A little longer here. A little longer there. Yes, I love this type of workout. I have to say there is something about dripping with sweat during the workout and seeing it glisten on my skin after I’m finished cooling down and stretching that let’s me look and say, “you did that; do it again.” I love working out.

Do any of you have a workout that you like doing? That you love doing? I hope so. It’s more fun when you love it.

Stay Healthy


I love working out. I have talked to people who hate it but that’s not me. I have always loved doing it even when I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Long walks, playing in the snow and bike riding in the summer were always fun to me.

Over the years I find that working out is more than just about keeping the body healthy; for me it’s about keeping my mind healthy too. I feel amazing after a hardcore workout. I can see the sweat glistening on my skin and still do the final stretches with a smile on my face.

No matter how bad my day or week is going working out seems to give me a calming breeze and somehow I’m able to put it all behind me and love the moment I’m in.

Coming down off being sick (a.k.a. still being sick at the time of workout) I managed to get a healthy dose of cardio plus toning. I feel great even while sick. I love working out.

What workouts do you do to keep moving and motivated?

Stay Healthy

Scale It Up

I talk about doing the scale up thing for workouts but sometimes I think it’s good to change it up too. Sometimes in making changes you’ll find you have to scale up on the new techniques.

What’s next on my workout list? I don’t know. I told my mom as I was reading Shape that the lady talking about how meditation doesn’t work for her yet she feels so much better emotionally after an aerobic workout that I can understand her. I still suck at meditation. I’ve tried it but I think about a gazillion other things no matter how much I try not to. Put on my Godsmack’s Faceless CD in my room and I can hit the tile running, doing a bit of HIIT some days, pushups on Stand Alone, planks going for at least a one and a half minute hold each time and I feel so great when I’m done. It’s rare that I get bored with jogging around my room but I keep telling myself maybe I should find something else too.

Have I found anything else that makes me hit the showers feeling that alive after a workout? No. Not really. I finish off hot, dripping sweat, yet somehow feeling so amazingly great. If I hit the fifty minute mark instead of the forty or thirty I did the day before I feel even better.

It’s not like I hit the workout devoid of thought or anything. I just find myself thinking about running a marathon (one I know won’t happen because if my leg gives out the bed is softer than the concrete). I took my sickest days off but I’m ready to get back to it once I can stop coughing more than I sleep.

So what keeps you motivated during a workout? What inspires you to keep going, scale it up or change it up?

Whatever you like to do have fun, stay safe and above all else…

Stay Healthy

After the Storm Part II

Well it’s Part I for you all here but I had to post on my other blog first because I am still writing and do have a book that will be out in the Christmas in the Mountains segment late November early December. My leading lady has talked herself into trouble. See the cover below:

Accidental Boyfriend cover new picture with author title

Anyway, with the storm gone and the power finally back on I am without the Internet at home. I miss it a little but I am also glad it’s gone. One, it saves me money not to have to keep it on. Two, it allows me to focus on my writing work and my knitting. I’m even coming up with new recipes…maybe I’ll write another cookbook.  (Lulu, Amazon, Create Space.)


Basically, with the Internet gone and my only time to use it is when I leave the house to get to a place where it’s free for me I will not be on here much. I’ll try to write up blogs to schedule and chat about new workouts and things of that sort. I’ll still be around, just not as much as before.

Thanks to all of you who are still with me. Say hi and I will respond once I’m back on the Internet.


Capri Montgomery