Happy Spring

Another day, another season. Happy Spring to those of you waking up to this new season and if you’re waking up to a different one make that one happy too.

Did you meet your winter body goals? Did you get in your workouts, start eating healthy, check a few things off that to-do list for the season? Well, I hope so. If you have new goals or continuous goals for Spring don’t give up working on them because you cannot get there if you keep quitting.

My goals are never really broken down by season. I find that sometimes I have the attention span of an ant and I’ll always think of something else I’d rather try than the long term-goal. So instead of setting a long term to-do list I like to just have a general idea of what I want to see body-wise before the end of X (X being the month, the season or even the year).

My Goals on the To-Do List Right Now

  1. Continue to work on my “perfectly flat” abs. Yeah, I am kind of sure that’s never going to happen for me but I can have fun dreaming about them while I work on it.
  2. Lose 5 pounds. Yes…I want this, not need it. It’s a Want so I’m going to try to knock it off my list within the next couple months (but no promises; okay?).
  3. Successfully finish a knitted sweater I’m designing for myself. I swear these sweaters are about the only thing that I currently knit that I never get just the way I want them.

I know there aren’t a lot of body shaping goals but I will keep up with my fitness and try to expand on workouts that I can like, love, and enjoy doing. My focus seems to be trying to hit it hard for my abs. What can I say; abs are really the only thing I’m obsessed about right now so they’re the only body shaping goal I’m night and day focused on. Everything else seems to take care of itself while I’m hitting it hard trying to whip those abs into shape.

morning-1369446_1920Other than those goals I just want to keep staying active, keep working out daily with yoga and other fitness adventures to keep my body going strong and of course eating as healthy as I can as often as I can.

What are your fitness and life goals for the week or the season?

Stay Healthy

Flat Abs Lookout

🙂 No, I am not headed to the beach in search of flat abs (not that I have anything against doing that if you so want to do that). I took a little time to change my workout method trying to see what worked, what might have caused more harm than good and I came to one conclusion–I miss yoga.

I do miss yoga so I am adding it back into my schedule. Yes, it’s only been a little over a week but I still miss it.

I am also going to work at-home jogging back in with probably a shorter jog time per session and then round out my cardio with something else (like dance).

dress-1296500_1280When I look back at last year and the changes I saw in my body I realize that most of them came from yoga, toning and the jogging I did add in. Jogging is not good for the body, per a PT I used to work for, but I really did like the change to my body appearance and it also felt really good to do emotionally and physically.

This video on How to Get a Smaller Stomach in a Week has a few moves that might be of interest to some of you and tips on eating better to assist in your quest for a smaller stomach. I actually like the hair videos she has done and I went to check out hair when I found the stomach video so even if you are not looking for flat abs you might find her hair videos useful for some of you natural hair ladies.

Stay Healthy

Body Goals and the Women Who Make Them

Setting body goals is not always about losing weight. Some women, and men too I would think, make goals to reach the level they want to be at fitness-wise and sometimes for weight too. I don’t need to lose weight, but I do want to tone up my body a little more than it already is ( a lot more in my opinion).

I have had my dream of perfectly flat abs for a while now. Last year I was well on my way despite limitations for doing certain moves, but since that time my walking buddy stopped religiously going and I started having problems with my leg that keeps me from being able to walk as far. I think I was a lot down emotionally and while I didn’t quit working out all together I didn’t do it as much. So I’m going back to my routine, sans power walking for several miles a day.


Flat abs


Not so perfectly flat.

Workout Status…

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

This morning’s workout was fine until I got sick mid yoga workout. I had already done Bridal Babe from TIU, which I like to do because it works so many muscles. I did a longer Yoga workout from Tara Stiles and was just over seventeen minutes in when I had to stop. I thought I would take a break, get some water, get back to it, but that didn’t happen. I took a break and got the water but I was still so nauseous that I had to shut down the computer and just lay down for a minute.

Good News…

yoga-682360_1280 (2) yoga 3The day is not over and I can still do the entire video starting from the beginning again. Anybody who does yoga probably knows it is best to warm-up instead of jumping right into the post warm-up moves so I will go from start to finish again. If I can talk my walking buddy into going walking I might be able to get it in, but if not I will add in a dance workout that I used to do a long time ago.

Today’s Main Meal

No oil ;). Red beans and rice.

As a little girl I hated red beans and I kind of liked rice but not with beans. Now I actually like this dish.

Do any of you have body goals set? If you do, are you finding that working toward them are leading you closer to meeting that goal right now?

Stay Healthy